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Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata, West Bengal

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata, West Bengal

Venue Name: Netaji Indoor Stadium Kolkata (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium)
Category: Venue
Location: Kolkata Police Safe House, Eden Gardens, Strand Road, Maidan, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700021 India
Phone: +91-3322624130, +91 33 2248 5773
Timings: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata: About

Netaji Indoor Stadium was originally conceived as an indoor stadium for various indoor games. The construction of the Netaji Indoor Stadium was completed in January, 1975. It is a beautifully located air-conditioned indoor stadium-cum-amphitheater which has been a proud landmark of the city. World Table Tennis Championship was held in the stadium in 1975. In fact, the stadium was constructed specially for hosting the event. Since then, a number of major sports/non-sports events have been held in the stadium. In the recent years, the stadium became the focus of attraction of the entire world on 14th September, 1997, when the last rites of Mother Teresa was conducted at the stadium. International personalities including Mrs. Hillary Clinton, President of Italy, President of Albania, former President of Philippines, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Prime Minister of Canada, President of India, Prime Minister of India, had all attended the said funeral ceremony. Again the stadium became the focus of attraction when Nobel Laureate Shri Amartya Sen was given State Reception by the Government of West Bengal in the stadium on 27th December, 1998.

The construction cost of the stadium in those days was Rs.2.91 crore including the cost of air-conditioning. The stadium is made up of 68 Nos. R.C.C. pre-cast two-hinged portals – pin jointed at foundation. The two top sloping elements of each portal aire pre-fabricated open web steel truss with rectangular cross section. The portal trusses are tapered in a vertical plane. From the crown, the depth gradually increases up to the connection to the leg of the portal. The legs of each portal are open web pre-cast R.C.C. gradually tapering down to the hinge at plinth level. The roof system consists of 550mm x 220mm, deep pre-cast of elements (T’-slab) resting at their ends on the tapered steel-truss of the portals. The pre-cast roof elements are of thin sections. 20mm. thick thermal insulation is provided at the bottom of the flange on the two sides of the web. This insulation was provided at the time of casting of the slab. Two short steel angle inserts were provided one at each end of the web, where the web is resting on the portal steel truss. The installation of each roof elements was done with one such insert angle being welded to the portal truss. The other end of the roof element rests freely on the adjacent portal truss.

The roof elements are located on the top chords of the sloping tapered steel truss of the portals in the central 25m. to create the upper roof, whereas the roof elements are installed on the bottom chords of the sloping tapered steel truss of the portals in the remaining 18.20m. on each side to create the lower roof. Separate roof elements are located over the gangway where the roof is horizontal. The vertical gap of 2.80 m. between the upper and lower roof is covered with vertical flat type louvers all around. The vertical louvers are covered from the outside by asbestos sheet.

The entire roofing including the sloping surface of upper and lower roofs are covered with 50 mm, thick thermocol for thermal insulation overlaid with tarfelt for water proofing.

The wooden floor area of the stadium is 76 mts. x 28 mts. (2128 sq. mtrs.). The total land area of the premises of the stadium is 20,553 sq. mts.

Total gallery capacity of the stadium is 12126 spectators. The wooden floor is normally supposed to be used as a playing arena. However, at the time of holding oi cultural functions, seating accommodation is also provided in the wooden floor to the tune of around 2,000 chairs capacity. There is a conference hall, players’ changing rooms, press room, telex room, dining hall attached to the stadium for hosting National and International sports events. The stadium is located at the heart of the city next to Eden Gardens, Calcutta.

The civil and electrical maintenance of the stadium is being undertaken by PWD. Major civil and electrical repairing of the stadium was undertaken in October / November, 1998 and the Department of Sports provided more than Rs. 65.00 lakhs for the purpose. The said repairing was undertaken for hosting the Asian Junior Basketball Championship. The wooden floors of the stadium was totally replaced. The roof structure of the stadium still requires thorough repairing, which could not be undertaken because of shortage of funds. A.C. system of the stadium has also been outdated and requires thorough repairing.

The hall rent of Kshudiram Anusilan Kendra was also revised from Rs.100/- per hour to Rs.500/- per hour subject to a minimum of Rs.3,0007/- per day with effect from 1/10/97. The flat insurance charges @ Rs. 1,5007/- per day was also levied for use of Netaji Indoor Stadium with effect from 1st April, 1998. The electricity charges of Netaji Indoor Stadium was further revised with effect from 1st January, 1999, as a sequel to revision of energy rate by CESC.


The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium is an indoor sports arena in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The facility seats 12,000 people. This indoor stadium is located just beside the Eden Gardens. It used to host the Sunfeast Open, a WTA Tour tennis tournament. Other international events hosted by the Stadium include the 1981 Asian Basketball Championship. Currently, it is the home of the Pro Kabaddi League team Bengal Warriors.

The Netaji Indoor Stadium hosts a wide range of activities, from sporting events to cultural programmes. It is a venue for both national and international trade fairs. It is also used as a center of counting of votes during elections.

The venue was inaugurated in 1975 by the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Siddhartha Shankar Ray, for indoor games and cultural events, musical functions and other programmes.

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