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IndoBuildTech Jakarta: Building Technology Expo, Indonesia

IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022: ICE, Indonesia

Event Name: IndoBuildTech Jakarta
Category: Building Construction

Event Date: 16 – 20 November, 2022
Location: Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard Raya No.1, Pagedangan, Kec. Pagedangan, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten, Jakarta 15339 Indonesia
Organizer: PT Debindo Multi Adhiswasti, Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam III No. 1 & 16, Jakarta 12820 Indonesia
Phone: 62-21- 8298004 / 8309716
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Tickets: Free Entry

21st Edition of the leading architecture, building material & interior exhibition in Indonesia

IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022: Event Profile

IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 introduces a new architecture trend, namely “Establishing Architecture 4.0 2nd Phase“. By having this new theme, Indobuildtech Expo 2022 invite all industry stakeholders to prepare for upcoming technologies and advancement in architecture, design interior and building material. It is the high-time for businesses to consider for adopting a new wave of modern technologies, cutting-edge materials, and workforce enhancement.

Rise of Industry 4.0

Building, Architecture and Interior Industry is on the cusp of another modern age. The fourth modern revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0‘, will see the development coming in accordance with all the more digitally created enterprises and projects. This will change not just the paradigm on how physical structures are outlined, constructed and kept up, yet additionally how they are therefore utilized

What it implies as a general rule is available for interpretation along with the future capacities and capabilities. Some envision it will mean the utilization of next generation materials and innovations to create smarter buildings.

Others imagine that it will come to mean of automated machine of creation, with negligible human information. Be that as it may, what is ordinarily concurred is that it speaks to the utilization of innovation to in a general sense enhance the way we outline and develop our general surroundings.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 expands into the world of building materials and evolves at a rapid rate. As economic and ecological concerns take a more prominent role in the build and interiors sector, manufacturers are creating ever more elegant solutions to resolve the sector’s most pressing issues.

It’s no longer enough for building materials to be only about design and aesthetic appeal. Increasing pressure on the building materials manufacturers to create strong products that are easy to install and improve the health and safety of building occupants and connect with and / or support a connected building’s information management structure.

An example to be taken is transparent wood, which likewise turn into an alternative for conventional glass windows. A model home utilizing transparent wood for windows found that it better circulates light, wipes out glare and offers enhanced warm  protection.

Self-healing concrete is a product that will biologically produce limestone to heal cracks that appear on the surface of concrete structures. Specially selected types of the bacteria, along with a calcium-based nutrient known as calcium lactate, and nitrogen and phosphorus, are added to the ingredients of the concrete when it is being mixed. These self-healing agents can lie dormant within the concrete for up to 200 years.

Building Information Modelling

Better accessibility of important data, quick issue determination and cooperation in creating the outline, development and operational activity are among the key subjects by which digitization is enhancing architectural effectiveness and asset utilization. At a worldwide level, one practice that is characterizing which enhancements in building and construction industry are conceivable without a moment’s of hesitation through accessible computerized devices and practices architectural effectiveness Building Information Model (BIM).

Workforce 4.0

With the adjustment in workplace and assignments anticipated that would be done by laborers, the ability required will likewise change. These new ranges of abilities won’t supplant the current ranges of abilities. Or maybe, these new abilities will be required notwithstanding the aptitudes that are critical in current situation. Center business related abilities can be grouped into 3 classifications and 9 sub-classifications.

Talented workforce will have the chance to partake in more prominent errand assortment and will never again be related with just a single specific sort of employment. There will be a huge diminishment in repetitive and ergonomically difficult occupations. Workers should impart the space to keen robots. Right hand frameworks will bolster work altogether yet a ultimate conclusions must be made by talented representatives. Collaboration will be focal, all through the even and vertical levels, as well as at the real working spot with appropriate frameworks.

Why Participate:

IndoBuildTech Expo is Indonesia’s largest and best known trade exhibition showcasing the full spectrum of products and services for the building and interiors market.

Since it’s launch in 2003, the event has gained huge international status, with international exhibitors now accounting for almost half of the total exhibiting companies.

Attracting 55,000 key buyers every year, IndoBuildTech Expo is recognized as the key platform for entering this thriving South East Asian market.

Invest in Asia’s emerging powerhouse

The Asian construction market is now the single largest regional market in the world, accounting for approximately 40% of the total global construction spending

Indonesia’s construction spending accounts for more than a quarter of the nation’s GDP, reaching USD 183.8 billion last year

The nation’s GDP growth is forecasted to be 6% for 2013-2017

Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world and is set to become the 7th largest economy in by 2030

Why Visit IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022:

  • The leading business platform in Indonesia that brings together industry leaders, manufacturers, sole agents, distributors and agents with all related building and finishing business stakeholders.
  • Product show and knowledge sharing along with the world’s leading brands of building and finishing materials.
  • Effective exposure to strategic audience consisting of business players and professionals including building contractors, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, technical engineers, project owners and a lot more, for business networking and partnership opportunities.

Why Register at IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022 Now?

  • Earlier registration means better choice of booth location and size, for better product and brand exposure at your most strategic booth sites.
  • Better and easier preparation of products and onsite programs for optimizing visitor interaction, branding and business opportunities.
  • Earlier and longer period of product exposure support at IndoBuildTech Expo dedicated site for exhibitor product online promo.

IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Profile of exhibit based on Building Material, Building Equipment, Steel Material, Steel Construction, Water Management System, Waste Management systems, Building System, Automation Systems, Safety Systems, Safety Equipment, Electrical Parts, Electrical Systems, Architectural Lighting Design, Paints Technologies, Coating Technologies, Air Conditioning and Air Ventilation.

IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2022: Visitors Profile

  • Architect
  • Financial / Investment
  • Building Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Construction
  • Consultancy
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Distributors
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Government Official
  • Interior Designer
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Media
  • Research
  • Retailer
  • Technical Services
  • Wholesaler

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