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TIM Expo Shanghai

TIM Expo Shanghai 2022: Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material and Energy-saving Technology

Event Name: TIM Expo
Category: Building Construction
Event Date: 31 August – 02 September, 2022
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China
Organizer: Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd. Room 1505, Mingshen Business Plaza, No.400 Caobao Rd., Shanghai 200233 China
Phone: +86 21-5109 7799 / 5109 0989
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

TIM Expo Shanghai 2022: The flagship event of insulation industry

In order to promote the development of China’s thermal insulation, cold insulation, thermal insulation, and energy-saving materials industries, build a bridge for communication and cooperation between thermal insulation, cold insulation, thermal insulation, and energy-saving material production enterprises and various application fields-The 18th China (Shanghai) International Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition will be held again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 31 August – 02 September, 2022.

The exhibition scale of the Expo is expected to exceed 20,000㎡, which will attract 450+ exhibitors and 30,000+ professional visitors at home and abroad. 82/5000. The exhibition focuses on the display of thermal insulation materials, equipment and excellent demonstration projects needed in the fields of building walls, electric power, petrochemicals, communications, aerospace, ships, transportation, agriculture and more industries such as cold and heat equipment, kilns, pipes and vehicles. An International characteristic exhibition area will be launched. In addition, a number of summit forums and industry conferences on related topics will be held in the same period. Real terminal, channel, brand will be in parallel. The organizer aims to promote the trade and technical communication between the brand of Exterior Insulation Finishing System industry and the national and overseas markets by means of this exhibition platform.

Concurrent Event:

  • Shanghai International Thermal Insulation System Technology Application Summit Forum
  • Conference on Application and Development Direction of Insulation and Decoration Integrated Panel
  • Technical Exchange Meeting of New Thermal Insulation Materials
  • Exchange Meeting of China Ship Insulation Technology and Material
  • Seminar on Application and Problem Analysis of Insulation Materials in Heating Pipelines
  • Seminar on the Current Situation and Development Demand of Thermal Insulation Materials in the Industrial Field
  • Technical Conference on Application of Aerogel Thermal Insulation Materials in Petrochemical Equipment
  • Seminar on Existing Energy-saving Construction Retrofit and Reinforcement Technology, Products and Excellent Case
  • Seminar on Incident Analysis and Reinforcement of External Wall Insulation and Finishing System

Concurrent Exhibitions: 

  • Shanghai External Wall Decoration Material and Bonding Technology Exhibition (EDME)
  • World of Concrete Asia (WOCA)
  • The Shanghai International Floor Industry Exhibition (CFE 2022)
  • The Shanghai International Mortar Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CME 2022)

TIM Expo Shanghai 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Constructional  Domain:

  • Inorganic insulation material: rock(mineral) wool board, glass wool, thermal insulation mortar, aerogel, aluminum silicate fiber board(felt), aluminum foil, gypsum insulation board, etc.;
  • Foaming insulation material: foaming cement, foaming agent, foam concrete light panel/board, foaming cement block, Portland cement etc.;
  • Organic insulation material: phenolic foam material, polyurethane rigid foam insulation material, foam urea formaldehyde resin, eps raw material(materials), soft board kind, etc.;
  • Thermal insulation and decoration integrated products: rock wool panels, phenolic panels, fluorocarbon lacquer finishes, metal finishes, aluminum-plastic panels, natural stone panels, imitation stone panels, panels without plastering etc.;
  • Equipment area: insulation material production equipment, building material and energy-saving detection equipment, polyurethane paint spraying equipment, pouring equipment, anti-corrosion insulation equipment, foam cement insulation board production line, eps / xps mechanical equipment etc.;
  • Wall, roof (surface) insulation wall: exterior wall insulation and finish system (EIFS), roof waterproof thermal insulation, thermal insulation coating, real stone paint, etc.;
  • Fireproof material: fireproof isolation belt, fireproof board, flame retardant fabric, flame retardant, facing fireproof coating, fireproof blocking material, fireproof glass, etc.;
  • Pipe insulation; air conditioning and duct insulation; steel structure insulation system; electric insulation pavilion;
  • Sound insulation and sound absorbing material: sound insulation wall, sound-absorbing cotton, suction tone paint etc;
  • Building energy-saving technologies: new energy-saving doors and windows and curtain wall, light wall plank, lightweight composite insulation block, hollow glass block, steel structure, prestressed and other new technology and new material and new equipment.;

Ship Domain:

  • Variety of marine thermal insulation and fireproof materials: marine mineral wool products, marine rock wool products, marine glass cotton products, marine ceramic wool products, marine composite alumina products (aluminum oxide blanket / tube shell), foam glass products, composite rock wool board, rubber and plastic insulation materials, cryogenic insulation materials, polyisocyanurate products, rigid polyurethane foam, polyurethane spray protective coating, polyurethane spray foam, the three polyester foam plastic, inorganic fireproof board, high aluminum refractory fiber blanket, expandable polystyrene , foam fire extinguishing agent, etc.

Industrial Domain: Petrochemical, power plant, metallurgy, kiln, paper making, pharmaceutical, pipeline, heating etc.

  • Microporous calcium silicate tube shell, rock wool tube shell, rock wool seam felt, slag cotton blanket, ultra-fine glass wool tube shell, centrifugal glass wool tube shell, phenolic foam tube shell, aluminum silicate, aluminum silicate tube shell , aluminum silicate coil felt, aluminum silicate fiber rope, magnesium silicate paint, magnesium silicate coil felt, rock wool aluminum silicate composite tube shell, magnesium silicate aluminum products (composite silicate), foam glass wool, foam glass tube shell, rubber and plastic insulation material, polyurethane foam plastic products, polystyrene foam plastic products, cement perlite tube shell, electric heat tracing pipe insulation, insulation paint, detachable insulation sleeve and other insulation and anticorrosion materials and technologies; And pipe support and other related accessories, cryogenic binder, inorganic two-component high and low temperature resistant binder, etc.
  • Insulation of various pipes, valves, HVAC and refrigeration equipment

Other Domains: Insulation materials and technologies in the aerospace, transportation, cold chain cold storage, automotive, and electrical fields

  • Aerogel insulation materials, coatings, polyimide (PI) film, VIP vacuum insulation panels, ceramic heat resistant materials, heat resistant insulation coating, etc.

TIM Expo Shanghai 2022: Visitors Profile

Segmentation & Professional:

As the representative and influential thermal insulation material exhibitions in China, TIM Expo Shanghai gathers thousands of professional visitors from competent government organs, real estate developers, architectural design institutes, traders to industry associations and international buyers, engineering and construction enterprises and housing development units. It is the best platform for people to promote innovation conception, research and study cutting-edge technologies, display advanced products, launch innovation systems and investigate real-life projects.

Target Visitor @ TIM Expo:

  • Construction, ship building, petrochemical, heating, electric power, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical kiln, pipeline, rail transit, cold chain logistics, automobile manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, aerospace and design, engineering, research, testing, maintenance, production and other related departments in other application fields;
  • Agents, distributors, importers and exporters of thermal insulation products;
  • Real estate developers;
  • Engineering companies and contractors; anti-corrosion and insulation engineering;
  • Engineering quality supervision; fire research and testing;
  • Owners such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals;
  • Government and associations;
  • Product R&D; manufacturer;
  • Universities; media, etc.

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