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UzEnergyExpo: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Energy Expo

UzEnergyExpo 2022: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Energy Expo

Event Name: UzEnergyExpo
Category: Power and Energy
Event Date: 26 – 28 October, 2022
Location: Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre – 107 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Organizer: International Exhibition Group Uzbekistan – International Business Center, Office 4с-02, 107B Amir Temur str., Yunusobod district, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Phone: (+998-71) 238 59 87
Timings: 10:00 – 18:00

UzEnergyExpo 2022 is the country’s largest energy exhibition, with an increase in exposure by 30% compared to last year, this year brought together representatives of almost all the main areas of the energy complex. From year to year, attention to the exhibition is growing from government agencies, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers and industry experts.

Main Sections of the UzEnergyExpo 2022:

  • ENERGY: Industrial energy. Generators and generator sets
  • RES. ENERGY SAVING: Instruments for accounting and economy of consumption of heat and electricity Alternative sources of electricity
  • LIGHTING: Sources of light. LED Components and materials for the production of lighting products Lighting of industrial facilities in various industries
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: High-voltage and low-voltage equipment Switchgears, switchboard equipment Converters, transformers, transformer substations Electric motors, electric generators, electric drives
  • CABLE: Power cables. Wires for power lines, Fittings

UzEnergyExpo 2022: Main Facts & Figures

  • Organizer: International Expo Group
  • Number of participants: 180 companies
  • Number of participating countries: 15 countries – Belarus, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic and Uzbekistan.
  • The most large-scale expositions: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India.
  • Number of visitors: 6500 people
  • Venue: Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UzEnergyExpo 2022: Exhibitors Profile


  • Industry power engineering
  • Electric power engineering; Hydropower engineering; Thermal power engineering
  • Electric, heat, and gas supply systems
  • Pipelines
  • Public power engineering
  • Automated systems of technological processes management
  • Diesel engines and diesel generators
  • Compressors
  • Systems and devices for measuring, accounting and control


  • Electrical equipment
  • Equipment for power transmission lines
  • Electric motors, electric generators, electric drives
  • Converters, transformers, transformer substations
  • Power electronics
  • High-voltage equipment
  • Low-voltage equipment
  • Wiring goods and products for electrical installations
  • Distributing gears, switchboard equipment
  • Protection equipment for electrical installations
  • Electric welding and electrothermal equipment


Roof, block-module, stationary boiler rooms

Heat-generating equipment on all kinds of fuel

  • Boilers
  • Burners
  • Co-generation plants
  • Trigeneration
  • Mini CHP

Boiler rooms accessories

  • Fuel supply systems
  • Water-treatment devices
  • Pumps
  • Pipelines, valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Flue systems
  • Pressure and flow regulators
  • Monitoring, protection, automated control systems for boiler plants
  • Systems, equipment and devices for measurement and recording of and heat
  • Ventilation and air conditioning

Scheduling of unmanned boiler rooms

Heating equipment

Meters of cold and hot water

Heating and boiler equipment repair

Fire safety

Environmental control and reduction of harmful emission at fuel burning


  • Technical and decorative lighting
  • Lighting industrial facilities in various fields
  • Lighting of streets, underpasses, road junctions and highways
  • Landscape lighting
  • Illumination of the trading halls, theaters, places of leisure and entertainment
  • The light sources, LEDs
  • Design and lighting design
  • Decorative lighting system: light grid, garlands, curtains, electron guns, and others
  • LED displays and screens
  • Light design; lighting control system
  • Lighting for transport infrastructure
  • Components and materials for the production of lighting products


  • Low, medium and high voltage power cables for stationary cable laying
  • Control, communication, fibre-optic, special purpose cables
  • Wires for overhead transmission lines, high voltage, communication, special purpose, winding, low voltage wires
  • Cable terminals for transformers and switchgear, connectors, fitting. Fibre-optic component parts connectors. Components and devices for cable installation and cable laying. Equipment, tools and devices for laying and installation of cables and wires. Inspection tools and instruments for cable and wire laying and installation
  • Cable and wire laying and installation technologies


Magistral gas-supply

  • Designing and construction of gas-supply facilities
  • Gas equipment
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Pump and compressor stations
  • Gas turbine engines
  • Welding equipment, welding materials
  • Production, storage and use of alternative energy equipment
  • Special machines

Autonomous and reserve gas-supply for domestic buildings and manufacturing enterprises

  • Installations for liquefaction and regasification of liquid natural gas
  • Tanks for underground and overground disposal
  • Evaporator and blending installations
  • Equipment for gas boiler houses
  • Gas electric generators
  • Dispatching control stations
  • Storage of LNG, LPG, CNG
  • Gas-filling stations
  • Tank installations for LPG and CNG,
  • Tanks for transportation and storage of LPG and CNG
  • Transportation technologies of LNG

Purification of associated petroleum gas for gas utilities

  • Gas separation systems and technologies (membrane, adsorbtion, cryogenic)
  • Purification and disposal systems of APG
  • Compressor units
  • Refining equipment for APG
  • Construction and development of APG processing complexes and plants.

Operation of gas distribution systems

  • Equipment for transportation of natural gas
  • Equipment for automated transport and storage of natural gas
  • Technologies, materials and equipment for corrosion protection of pipelines
  • Machines and technologies for trenchless pipeline laying and
  • Laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation, mobile laboratories
  • Mobile industrial and domestic buildings

Gas assessment

  • Control instrumentation for gas industry

Diagnostics: UzEnergyExpo 2022

  • Technical diagnostics of gas-mains and gas equipment

Industrial security and ecology of the gas complex

  • Labour protection, Security Systems and Fire safety equipment
  • Emergency and safety equipment, protection equipment in the sphere of industrial security
  • Overalls and personal protection devices
  • Environmental protection, environmental monitoring
  • Information technologies in the emergency situations
  • Personnel training


  • Devices for accounting and saving of heat and power
  • Cogeneration (energy generating complexes based on gas-turbine units or explosion engines, gas-turbine units of low capacity, explosion engines)
  • Resource saving equipment for effective use of fuel, heat and electrical power in heat and water supply systems
  • Illuminating equipment: enegy-saving lamps, lighting devices, starting and control apparatuses
  • Alternative and renewable power: biopower, wind power, solar power, small hydraulic power engineering

NUCLEAR POWER: UzEnergyExpo 2022

  • Nuclear and power engineering
  • Design, engineering and construction of nuclear power plants
  • Service and maintenance of nuclear power plants
  • Rectors. Heat carriers and heat exchangers. Capacitors
  • Nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear power plants

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