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UzMedExpo: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Medical Expo

UzMedExpo 2022: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Medical Expo

Event Name: UzMedExpo
Category: Medical and Pharmaceuticals
Event Date: 21 – 23 September, 2022
Location: Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre – 107 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Organizer: International Exhibition Group Uzbekistan – International Business Center, Office 4с-02, 107B Amir Temur str., Yunusobod district, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Phone: +998-71 238-94-68
Timings: 10:00 – 18:00

UzMedExpo 2022: Event Profile

UzMedExpo 2022 exhibition annually demonstrates the whole range of products and services, the latest achievements of the medical industry, and also serves as a meeting place for specialists, manufacturers and distributors of medical products and equipment.

The exhibition has been held since 2007 with the support of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Dori-Darmon” JSC, the Association of Representative Offices of Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies and Manufacturers in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent City Administration.

The exhibition UzMedExpo 2022 has become a traditional place for exchanging experience of scientists and specialists, heads of medical institutions and practitioners for the twelfth time.

As a major international exhibition, UzMedExpo 2022 is a profitable basis for business. The project allows its participants to establish and maintain as many business contacts as possible in the shortest possible time.

Purpose of the company’s participation in UzMedExpo 2022:

  • 21% Entering a new market
  • 19% Find the end user of products / services
  • 16% Establishment of new business contacts / conclusion of contracts
  • 15% Meeting with existing customers / partners
  • 13% Maintaining the company’s image
  • 11% Increasing the company’s brand awareness
  • 05% Study of business activity of competitors

UzMedExpo 2022: Exhibition Sections

Medical Equipment, Instrumentation, Diagnostics

  • Functional diagnostics
  • Roentgenology
  • Ultrasound equipment, ultrasound examination
  • Endoscopic equipment and accessories
  • Computer tomographs
  • Laser technology and equipment
  • Equipment and devices for artificial lung ventilation
  • Surgical equipment and machinery
  • Electrical medical instruments and installations
  • Diagnostic instruments and devices
  • Equipment for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization

Laboratory Medicine

  • Test systems, laboratory equipment
  • Reagents. Stabilizers
  • Laboratory diagnostics, laboratory furniture
  • Chemical reagents for laboratories


  • Dental equipment and instruments
  • Systems and instruments for dental implantology
  • Modern materials for tooth restoration
  • Modern x-ray equipment
  • Lasers in dentistry
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Dental anesthesiology
  • Dental furniture


  • Equipment and apparatus for ophthalmologist’s consulting rooms
  • Laser ophthalmological equipment
  • Frames, training glasses, ready-made glasses
  • Correctional equipment
  • Contact lenses and care products for contact lenses
  • Ocular lenses, sets of lenses and prisms
  • Ophthalmic ointments, gels, drops, solutions for eye


  • Medical drugs
  • Preparations from medicative herbs
  • Equipment for production of medicines
  • Dietary food and nutritious means
  • Pharmaceutical and medical packing
  • Mineral and biological food additives, vitamins
  • Services and IT technologies for pharmaceuticals

Medical Services And Insurance

  • Design, complex equipment of hospitals, medical establishment, sanatoriums
  • Information and communication technologies in medicine
  • Medical and health tourism, medical treatment abroad
  • Computer and electronic systems of medical services

Orthopedic And Rehabilitation

  • Artificial limbs, corsets, dressings
  • Rehabilitation equipment and devices
  • Orthopedic products and devices
  • Recovery and compression medicine
  • Sports exercise machines, exercise machines for rehabilitation
  • Antidecubital systems
  • Accessories for the rehabilitation equipment

Personal Protective Equipment And Supplies

  • Oxygen concentrators and masks.Therapy
  • Control and measuring devices (electronic thermometers,pyrome-ters, thermal imaging cameras)
  • Room safety (mobile stands disinfecting the area, recirculators, block sections for ventilation of pipes)
  • Medical protective clothing (overalls, dressing gowns, respirators, face shields, medical gloves and masks)
  • Consumables for hospitals, clinics and laboratories
  • UV air purifiers and automatic sterilizers
  • Vaccination and diagnostics.Means of prevention
  • Antiseptics
  • Chemicals for cleaning and sterilizing and sterile products
  • Surgical instruments, medical instruments in common use
  • Spec clothing, medical knitted and footwear for medical personnel

Beauty And Health

  • Decorative and professional cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • SPA-center equipment and procedures
  • Plastic surgery
  • Devices for correction of a figure
  • Beauty salon
  • Wellness-centers, fitness clubs
  • Solariums, suntan preparations
  • East techniques of improvement
  • Means and tools for nail care
  • Hairdressing equipment
  • Special furniture
  • Means on face care and a body
  • Means on care of hair
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetology equipment
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Personal hygiene means
  • Computer diagnostics

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