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POLFISH Gdansk: Poland Seafood Industry Fair

POLFISH Gdansk 2022: Poland Seafood Industry Fair

Event Name: POLFISH
Food and Beverage
Event Date: 14 – 16 September, 2022
Location: AmberExpo Exhibition and Convention Centre – Żaglowa 11, 80-560 Gdansk, Poland
Organizer: MTG Gdansk International Fair Co. – 11 Żaglowa St., 80-560, Gdansk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 55 49 362
Timings: 10:00 – 18:00
Tickets: PLN 30; Concession ticket: PLN 25 per day

POLFISH Gdansk 2022 – 16th International Fair of Fish and Food Products

140 Exhibitors from 13 Countries – Gdansk brings together Food and HoReCa Industry professionals. It’s good to be here!

POLFISH Gdansk 2022: About

POLFISH Gdansk 2022, Poland’s only and one of Europe’s largest specialized seafood industry fairs, will be held yet again at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Gdansk, alongside FOODEXPO, Northern Poland’s largest food industry fair. The synergy of these two industry projects, which take place every two years, makes it possible to present a wider offer at a single time and place. The coming edition of the event (14 – 16 September, 2022) is a response to the interest and demand of the consumers, who know the need to get closer to nature, to take care of their health and who look for unique products.

Local & Global:

This year’s Fairs have a confirmed participation from Polish seafood producers and importers. Next to traditional fresh, frozen, canned, smoked and marinated products, there will be deli and convenience seafood. The events will feature an offer of premium canned wild bluefin tuna, caught using the traditional ALMADRABA tuna fishing method, alongside products with no preservatives, sweeteners or colour additives (including herring in aspic and herring in tomato sauce).

In aquaculture, there will be fish farming companies, with the saltwater sea bream or sea bass, and with the freshwater carp, trout and more. There will be feed manufacturers, systems for fish storage and transport, and fish farming equipment.

You will see an extensive offering from manufacturers and distributors of beverages, condiments, flour, confectionery, soup and wine. The dairy sector (the Milky Revue Fair) will feature Poland’s leading dairy plants and cooperatives. Owing to the long-standing partnership and support of the National Association of Dairy Cooperatives, the participation of dairy manufacturers and processing companies is co-funded under the Milk Promotion Fund.

Next to seafood, dairy, grain and diet products, there will be regional products from small and medium-sized companies, produce from organic farms, local processing plants, fish farms and FLAGs.

Latest Solutions:

Food technology will be represented by producers and distributors of machines and equipment for seafood processing, including smoking equipment, cooling and packaging systems. Attendance has been announced by providers of comprehensive design services for process technology lines, production system implementation, waste disposal equipment, along with HoReCa and store equipment. There will also be suppliers of cash registers, card readers and labelling devices, alongside a large group of suppliers of containers and packaging for the processing industry and catering companies. The fairs will feature the latest solutions in food transport, including vehicle monitoring, innovative software and refrigerating units. Delivery and commercial vehicle suppliers for HoReCa and manufacturers of mobile stores have announced their participation.

Cleaning and safety for food processing establishments will be presented by the distributors of the world’s largest Occupational Health & Safety brands, with disposable clothing, shoes, gloves, protective eye wear, cleaning agents, alongside manufacturers of washing and drying equipment. HoReCa business owners will find protective clothing, personalized staff uniforms, textiles, tableware, state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, cutlery, furniture and accessories.

For Whom?

The Fairs are addressed to owners and managers of food and seafood wholesale and retail outlets, supermarket chains, discount stores, HoReCa facilities, bakeries and patisseries. The extensive offer is addressed to chefs and owners of restaurants, managers of stores and catering companies.

Polfish / Foodexpo: Events Agenda

  • ABO—Successful Shopping Trade Fair from the ABO retail chain operator, org. by Detal Pomorze Sp. z o.o.
  • Millennials and Generation High C. How to cause them to become regulars at your establishment?

org. by MOXIE Creative Agency (lecture and workshop)

  • GLOBAL G.A.P. farmed seafood certification. Why should you use the GGN consumer label? org. by GLOBAL G.A.P. (workshop)
  • Sustainable development: a challenge for agriculture and the food industry. The role of independent certification in supply chain management and communication with consumers, org. by Bureau Veritas (workshop)
  • What do you mean no meat? What do you mean no milk? How is the Polish food and HoReCa market changing?

About the growing popularity of 100% plant-based dishes and products, org. by RoślinnieJemy Campaign

  • Reliability and guaranteed origin of sustainably caught fish and seafood, org. by Marine Stewardship Council (workshop)
  • Motivate your staff and increase their engagement: How to keep an employee in your company, org. Akademia Zza Lady (workshop)

Exhibitors Profile:

Fish, seafood and fish products

  • fresh
  • frozen
  • canned
  • processed and value-added
  • supplements
  • others


  • equipment for fishing
  • machinery and technology for storing and processing
  • harbors, shipping yards and fishing boats

Fish farming

  • feeds for fish
  • machines and equipment for fish farming
  • fish farms

Machines and equipment for fish processing

  • machines, smokehouse
  • tools
  • systems and software


  • materials
  • machines
  • systems and software
  • ready made packaging

Fish shops

  • furnishing
  • refrigerating equipment
  • mobile shops

Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and agents
Measurement and laboratory equipment

  • land transport and shipping
  • design and construction
  • consulting and advising
  • researches
  • post-manufacturing waste utilization

Specialist publishing house
Institutions, organisations and associations
Governmental departments and institutions
Organizers of fairs and conferences

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