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UzStroyExpo: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Building Construction Expo

UzStroyExpo 2022: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Building Construction Expo

Event Name: UzStroyExpo
Category: Building Construction
Event Date: 26 – 28 October, 2022
Location: Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre – 107 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Organizer: International Exhibition Group Uzbekistan – International Business Center, Office 4с-02, 107B Amir Temur str., Yunusobod district, Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan
Phone: + 998 71 238 91 82
Timings: 10:00 – 18:00

The UzStroyExpo 2022 exposition presented new technologies and gave an additional impetus to the development of the entire construction sector of the country. For many years now, the exhibition has been gathering professionals in this industry in a single platform, where all the latest innovations are demonstrated. The increase in exposure was 20% compared to last year, which was facilitated by the economic and financial reforms carried out in Uzbekistan, which brought the country’s construction industry to the category of the fastest growing. The dynamics and scale of construction work were reflected in the expansion of the geography of countries and the number of UzStroyExpo 2022 participating companies that arrived at the exhibition with the aim of promoting the most advanced technologies and ideas in this promising industry with huge potential opportunities.

UzStroyExpo 2022: Main Sections

  • Industrial, civil and road construction;
  • Construction equipment;
  • Machine tools and tools;
  • Building and finishing materials;
  • Heating and ventilation;
  • Water supply, water treatment, plumbing;
  • A special section of the exhibition is Furniture. Interior Design. Windows and doors.

UzStroyExpo 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Building Materials & Equipment. Construction, Construction Machinery & Equipment

  • Industrial, civil and highway engineering
  • Engineering developments for the construction of the industrial complexes
  • Modern design of buildings, structures and roads
  • Construction vehicles and mechanisms, road-building machinery, tools, spare parts
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Power engineering in the building. Energy-adjusting and electrical assembly works
  • Roofing materials and waterproofing
  • Industry of nonmetalliferous building materials (output, splitting and the enrichment of construction stone, crushed stone and others)
  • Quickly erectable buildings. Metal structures
  • Equipment and machinery for the manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum construction components – pumps and equipment for in-pit works
  • Equipment and machinery for the production, storage and transportation of construction materials
  • Concrete and cement plants
  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Lifting equipment

Building And Finishing Materials: Uzstroyexpo 2022

  • Paints and varnishes
  • Roofing materials and waterproofing
  • Heat-, sound-, noise-, moisture proof materials
  • Dry mixes (Cement, lime and plaster)
  • Building chemicals
  • Metalware products
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Frame panel houses
  • Sandwich panels
  • Wallpapers
  • Architectural and decorative light. Electrics
  • Windows, doors and facades
  • Equipment for ceramic tile manufacture, floor tiles, mosaics, marble and granite, natural stone, artificial stone
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Equipment for ceramic tile manufacture
  • Floor tiles, mosaics, marble and granite, natural stone, artificial stone
  • Architectural and landscape design (fountains, fireplaces, columns, pillars, rotunda, tabletops)
  • Stone cutting and processing equipment and tools
  • Tools and fastenings
  • Landscape design

Heating And Ventilation: Uzstroyexpo 2022

  • Heating systems, boiler equipment
  • The energy-saving equipment
  • Gas-fired burners
  • Solar heating
  • Ventilation systems
  • Air-conditioners, Chillers, Cold rooms and doors
  • Pipes and pipelines, Fittings and valves, Pumps
  • Measuring, control and regulating systems
  • Hardware and valves

Water Supply, Water Purification, Sanitary

  • Water filters
  • Pipes, pipelines
  • Shut-off valves; ball valves
  • Pumping equipment
  • Technologies for water and wastewater treatment
  • Sewer system
  • Coolers, dispensers, purifier
  • The cleaning shop wastewater domestic and industrial origin
  • Ecology, environmental technology
  • Water supply, Sanitary technology and equipment
  • Equipment and accessories for swimming pools and water parks
  • Hydro massage baths
  • Banyas, saunas, spas
  • Chemicals for pools
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Baths and shower cabins
  • Furniture and accessories for bathrooms
  • Mixer taps
  • Towel driers

Woodworking, Furniture, Interior Design

  • Wood-sawing systems, machines and equipment
  • Timber products manufacturing equipment
  • Equipment for timber conditioning and compensation seasoning
  • Tools and auxiliaries for primary woodworking
  • Equipment, machines, machining centers, machine-tool attachments for furniture production
  • Equipment, machines and accessories for production of joinery products, parquet and timber building construction
  • Timber drying equipment
  • Aspiration systems
  • Automation systems
  • Tools and auxiliaries for secondary woodworking

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