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Dhaka Motor Show: Bangladesh Auto Expo

Dhaka Motor Show 2022: Bangladesh Auto Expo

Event Name: Dhaka Motor Show
Category: Automotive
Event Date: 23 – 25 June, 2022
Location: International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), Purbachal Express Highway, DhakaBangladesh
Organizer: CEMS Bangladesh, Rupayan Millennium Square (5th Floor), House- Cha-69, 70 & 70/A, Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue (North Badda), Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh
Phone: 1-212-6344833
Timings: 10:30 AM – 21:00 PM

15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022: A Complete Show for the Brand new Automobile Sector of Bangladesh

Dhaka Motor Show 2022: About

Being held for the last 14 years now, the “15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022” stands firmly as one of the flagship events of CEMS-Global in Bangladesh and has become an icon of the country as the One & ONLY International Automotive Exhibition of Bangladesh. With the country growing a strong Middle-class segment, the rise in sales of Motor vehicles has surged to newer heights in Bangladesh, ignoring the rise in import taxes. Bangladesh is one of a strong South-Asian Nation with its growing economy and the “15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022” has also been a platform in all these years for the launching of latest Models of Hyundai, Mercedes, Range Rover, Mitsuoka, Toyota Prius and many others. The previous editions have seen great successes and an enormous rise in sales of new vehicles, with CEMS-Global changing its strategy in 2019 in highlighting and strongly backing Vehicle distributors showcasing Cars / Commercial vehicles for the Middle / Upper- Middle class segment of the population and vehicles for Rural utilization, which also is one of the big and potential segment in Bangladesh.

CEMS-Global USA” in association with “CEMS Bangladesh” presents once again the “15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022“, scheduled to be held from 23 – 25 June, 2022 which will be a glittering showcase of the World automobile and auto component industry. As always, the “15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022” will reveal to the country the rapid developments in the industry and will also be a launching pad for many new vehicles as well as new technology components.The neat layouts of the show provide many opportunities to the consumers of vehicles to see the latest offerings in the market as well as to the business visitor to carry out networking in a highly enabled environment. The Motor Show is therefore not only a networking ground but also a place to find business partners and strategic alliances for manufacturing, outsourcing, sub-contracting, design, and development as well as direct marketing.

Why Participate in 15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022?

  • It’s the Only Potent Gateway to the Automotive Industry of Bangladesh
  • A platform for launching new vehicles and aftermarket modules of the ever-growing automotive market of Bangladesh
  • An ideal B2B platform for the Auto Industry of Bangladesh
  • Roads are the major mode of transport in Bangladesh making the automotive industry is highly significant
  • With rising imports of cars Bangladesh is experiencing search & demand for auto Components & Accessories
  • With the ever-growing import of Vehicles, the surge in demand for Aftermarket auto components and Accessories has seen tremendous growth

Exhibitors Profile:

Vehicles: Cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, Multi Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Three Wheeler, Alternative energy-driven vehicles including battery-operated vehicles.

Why Bangladesh? Why Now?

Bangladesh’s economy is projected to grow 6.9 per cent in fiscal year 2022-23 thanks to strong export growth and a rebound in domestic demand, the World Bank (WB) said in its Global Economic Prospects released. Dhaka and Chittagong are the principal financial centers of the country, being home to the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. The financial sector of Bangladesh is the second largest in the subcontinent. Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing economy. The automotive industry in Bangladesh is the third largest in South Asia. Bangladesh has a few large car plants which assemble passenger cars from Mitsubishi and Proton, as well as commercial vehicles from Hino and Tata.

Visitors Profile:

Just like the previous editions, the “15th Dhaka Motor Show 2022” will focus on Target visitors consisting of Vehicle Distributors / Importers, Auto Component Distributors & Dealers, Tire & Wheel Dealers, Auto Spare Parts Dealers, Garage Owners, Lubricant Dealers, Service Centre’s, Truck Parts Dealers, Mechanics, Spare Parts retailers, Distributors, Associations and General Public.

In Figures:

The automobile industry in Bangladesh, as a whole, is growing. We have an estimated annual demand of 30,000 units for the passenger vehicles among which brand new vehicles are contributing 5,000 units. The demand for brand new cars is increasing as manufacturers are now offering new generation, highly efficient mobility solutions across different customer segments. Across the globe, the private vehicle market is performing well. In the backdrop of emerging economies and the overall increasing purchasing power of people in developing nations, the market is projected to grow at 4.4% per year through to 2022. This expected growth can primarily be attributed to a stronger and more robust global economy and the increasing availability of budget-friendly models.

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