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First Fur Salon Moscow: Exhibition-Sale

First Fur Salon Moscow 2020: Fur Expo, Crocus Expo

Category: Leather
Date: 02 August – 10 September, 2020
Location: Pavilion 3, Hall 12, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia
Organizer: Zolotoy Vek, Exhibition Company
Phone: +7 (499) 993-93-49
Timings: 11:00 AM – 19:00 PM

First Fur Salon Moscow 2020: Event Profile

Shiny and silky natural fur is a unique, always remaining fashionable clothing that gives confidence and charm to every woman. The love of furs has not changed over many generations; only the style and weightlessness of products have changed.

First Fur Salon Moscow 2020” invites all lovers of fur clothing and accessories to visit our exhibition-sale. We are open from September 10!

What awaits you at the exhibition of the First Fur Salon in Moscow

  • Especially for connoisseurs of fur, we have prepared a huge assortment of fur coats and sheepskin coats, which you can not only see in the catalogs, but also try on or order a model of the right size and color. The wealth of the model range and styles will not leave indifferent any fashionista or socialite who carefully selects a wardrobe. The abundance of decorative jewelry, accessories or a strict, laconic design, weightlessness and lightness of modern fur coats or the luxurious heaviness of a fur coat – all this is presented to your attention at our exhibition and sale.
  • All products are collected from collections of fur houses, so you can give preference to your favorite manufacturer, and thanks to direct competition between sellers, the offered prices pleasantly surprise and allow you to purchase a coat of excellent quality at a bargain price.
  • We care about our customers, so we created convenient conditions for them to buy. Ateliers and dry cleaners work at the exhibition, you can order the manufacture and delivery of fur products or come to us in your own car, leaving it in the parking lot

In the pavilion of the “First Fur Salon Moscow 2020” you will find a fur gallery from the best world manufacturers. We offer you to evaluate the fur of the Canadian and Scandinavian mink, try on a luxurious mantle from an expensive sable, buy a short fur coat from a golden fox, silver fox, astrakhan or beaver.

The exhibition is selling collections of such famous brands as Manzari, FINEZZA, NELLO SANTI, NEVRIS, MANAKAS and BRASCHI. Models from the collections of these fashion houses are considered the standard of quality and style in the fur industry. You are given the chance to buy excellent fur products from Italian, Greek, Turkish, Russian and Scandinavian manufacturers.

In addition to fur coats and sheepskin coats, the gallery also features fur hats, stoles, vests, leather gloves and other fashion accessories.

Product Warranty

Each product purchased at the First Fur Salon exhibition-sale is subject to the law on consumer protection in the Russian Federation. All products are accompanied by quality certificates, and sellers are responsible for the goods sold. Each company whose fur products are presented at the exhibition has a Legal address and a branch in which you can arrange the exchange or return of a purchased fur coat or other product.

They trust us

The fur coat or vest that you buy at the First Fur Salon exhibition will delight you with its excellent quality, exclusive design and warm you with its warmth in the cold season. Thousands of customers trust us, preferring to buy stylish clothes at competitive prices from well-known fur manufacturers. A high level of service, a wide range of colors and an abundance of various styles of fur coats will help you make the right choice.

Come to the fur exhibition in the First Fur Salon Moscow 2020!

First Fur Salon Moscow 2020: Categories

  • Mink Coats
  • Sable Fur Coats
  • Lynx Fur Coats
  • Chinchilla Fur Coats
  • Fox Fur Coats
  • Karakul Fur Coats
  • Rabbit Fur Coats
  • Blackglama
  • Christie
  • Cheap Fur Coats
  • Short Fur Coat
  • Transverse Fur Coats
  • Straight Fur Coats
  • Fur Coats
  • Large Fur Coats
  • Hooded Fur Coats
  • Fur Coats
  • Fur Vests

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