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Moscow Dive Show: Underwater Activities Equipment Expo

Moscow Dive Show 2022: Underwater Activities Equipment Expo

Event Name: Moscow Dive Show
Category: Sporting Goods

Event Date: 09 – 12 February, 2023
Location: Gostinyi Dvor Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia
Organizer: Fish Press Publishing – Prostornaya Street 7, Apart. 306, Moscow 107392 Russia
Phone: +7 499 110 4837
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Tickets: 450 rub. / 600 rub. for family

Moscow Dive Show 2023: About

Moscow Dive Show 2023 is the largest exhibition of equipment, tourism and training for all “underwater” and “water” people in Russia and Eastern Europe — diving, spearfishing, free diving, underwater photography, yachting, surfing and SUP, water tourism, as well as equipment for swimming pools and beach activities.

Gostiny Dvor is a premium exhibition venue in the heart of the capital, just a stone’s throw from Red Square. Built in the late 18th century by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi, it occupies an entire block between Varvarka and Ilinka streets.

The 12,000-square-meter interior atrium size is comparable to Venice’s San Marco Square, and the unsupported glass ceiling is still the largest in Europe.

Moscow Dive Show 2023: Mission of Expo

  • The main showroom of the water industry. Imagine that your stand is an office, a travel agency, or a store that only works for four exhibition days, but receives the maximum flow of interested visitors. Get quick sales on the site and a stock of “warm” customers for the entire season;
  • B2B maximum. More than 10% of the surveyed visitors noted that the purpose of visiting the exhibition is business interests: wholesale purchases of equipment, direct booking of blocks of places in hotels and on safari yachts, offering the exhibition participants their own goods and services;
  • Conversion of profile groups of clients. Combining both underwater and surface activities on the same site provides excellent prerequisites for the arrival of new customers from adjacent “water” sectors. Divers become yachtsmen, free divers try the kite, yachtsmen master spearfishing. The variety of destinations presented at the exhibition leads to an increase in visitor traffic and the effectiveness of the site, which is especially important for nonresident and foreign visitors, for whom visiting the exhibition is associated with significant costs;
  • Large market and retail sales. Visitors are used to spending money on the Moscow Dive Show 2023 — the maximum range and special discounts motivate you to the main shopping season;
  • Cultural and business program. Do not miss the opportunity for additional promotion of your business — a large stage and a spacious conference room, every day, from morning to evening.
  • The main Water Exhibition for Russia and the post-Soviet countries. Develop your business through the Moscow Dive Show 2023 in several countries at once: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are no such exhibitions in these countries, and almost all active market players come to the Moscow exhibition once a year.

Retail Sales:

Moscow Dive Show 2023 exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for active retail sales. Historically, the practice of large deferred demand in the run – up to the February exhibition is that people start planning a big shopping trip at the Moscow Dive Show in a few months. The maximum range, discounts and a festive atmosphere-this is the simple secret of this cocktail. More than half of the visitors do not leave the exhibition without shopping.

  • The buyer’s basket at the Moscow Dive Show looks something like this:
  • Underwater equipment. New items and sale of old collections.
  • Unique products that are not presented in wide retail chains. Rare brands. Custom models.
  • Gadgets and underwater accessories. Products for outdoor activities.
  • Tours and dive safari.
  • Training in diving, free diving and spearfishing.;
  • Yachting training, sailing trips and regattas.
  • Surfboards, SUP boards, kayaks, and other ways to navigate the water.
  • Souvenirs, artifacts, and themed clothing.
  • Delicacies – fish, caviar, honey etc.

To return from the exhibition not only with a pack of business cards, but also with live money – this task can be set for each participant of the Moscow Dive Show. There is no price dumping at the exhibition, but various forms of motivating customers to make decisions directly during the exhibition days brought a concrete result. Prepare a special offer and customers will vote with their wallet.

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