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ZOOPARK Lublin: ZOOPARK Expo & Zoological Fair, Poland

ZOOPARK Lublin 2022: ZOOPARK Expo & Zoological Fair, Poland

Event Name: ZOOPARK
Category: Pets and Veterinary
Event Date: 10 – 11 September, 2022
Location: Targi Lublin S.A., Dworcowa 11, 20-406 Lublin, Poland
Organizer: Miedzynarodowe Targi Lubelskie S.A., ul. Dworcowa 11, Lublin 20-406 Poland
Phone: +48 79 79 702 39
Timings: 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Tickets: –

ZOOPARK Lublin 2022: About

The ZOOPARK Lublin 2022 – ZOOPARK Exhibition and Zoological Fair has been gathering for many years lovers and owners of animals, families with children and the most important brands of the zoological industry. The event is a great opportunity to watch animals live and satisfy children’s curiosity.

You will meet various animals here (both popular and unheard of in Poland) and learn about their habits. Breeders and specialists will also advise you on how to properly take care of upbringing, care and nutrition of your pet.

The ZOOPARK Lublin 2022 – ZOOPARK Exhibition and Zoological Fair is also a place where you can shop for your pets. Leashes, harnesses, lairs, collars, toys, grooming accessories, cosmetics, transporters, food and dietary supplements – these are just some of the items sought by owners and breeders visiting the event.

ZOOPARK Lublin 2022: Thematic scope

  • Equipment (pens, aquariums, terrariums)
  • Accessories for animal care and breeding
  • Accessories, equipment and toys for animals
  • Feed, nutrients and feed additives for animals
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations
  • Tropical and aquarium plants
  • Fishing
  • Industry and specialist literature
  • Training centers
  • Hotels and animal shelters

Benefits for the Exhibitor:

The ZOOPARK Exhibition and Zoological Fair is:

  • The largest indoor zoological exhibition in Eastern Poland
  • Well-established brand – ZOOPARK is an event known all over Poland
  • Exceptional audience – the ZOOPARK Spring 2020 edition was visited by 20,000 spectators, including fans and owners of animals, professional
  • Breeders, families with children, students and young people

Why is it worth it?

  • Reaching a wide group of potential customers
  • A chance to establish new business contacts
  • Possibility of various forms of promotion
  • Comfortable conditions, favorable price

Visitors profile:

The exhibition and Zoological Fair ZOOPARK is visited by over 20,000 visitors.

This group includes:

Individual clients:

  • Families with children
  • School-age youth
  • Students
  • Animal lovers, enthusiasts and owners

Professionals in the zoological industry:

  • Breeders and aquarists
  • Employees of veterinary facilities
  • Owners of private veterinary practices
  • Pet store owners
  • Wholesalers of veterinary equipment and accessories
  • Wholesalers of pharmaceutical and medical products for animals

Organized groups:

  • Organized pre-school groups, groups of pupils or students

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