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RemaDays Warsaw: Advertising & Printing Expo

RemaDays Warsaw 2022: Advertising & Printing Expo

Event Name: RemaDays Warsaw
Category: Media and Advertising

Event Date: 16 – 18 February, 2022
Frequency: Annual
Location: PTAK WARSAW EXPO – al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Wolica 114D, Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k., 11 Podbiałowa Str., 61-680 Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48 61 825 73 22
Timings: 09:30 AM – 17:30 PM

RemaDays Warsaw 2022: Event Profile

The International Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw 2022 is one of the largest trade shows in advertising industry in the world. The fairs have been organized since 2005 and have been growing constantly so that every other year the number of visitors and exhibitors was higher. During 3 days of the RemaDays Warsaw 2022, on 35 000 m2 of exhibition space, the representatives of the advertising industry meet. Last edition attracted 810 exhibitors and 21 112 visitors, so the event achieved status of a key and largest, in terms of number of visitors, trade fair in Europe.

The RemaDays Warsaw 2022 trade fair is an excellent opportunity to open up to new European markets. The show will be held on 16 – 18 February, 2022 in Warsaw, Poland. The fair offers visitors a superb opportunity to find out more about the status of technology in this dynamic industry and to directly establish contacts with potential partners.

“International Advertising & Printing Trade Fair in Central Europe.”

RemaDays 2022 provide the latest information about the goods & techniques which are being used in the field of advertising, and technology & gift industry.

RemaDays Warsaw 2022: Exhibitors Profile

  • Gifts World: Gifts World features the biggest range of manufacturers, importers and distributors of promotional merchandise: pens, mugs, key chains, sets, leather goods, games, sports gadgets, office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, premium gadgets etc.
  • POS & Display: POS & Display is a perfect segment for POS, POP & Display suppliers who offer shelving systems, totems, walls, showcases, stands, reception desks, promotion counters, roll-ups etc.
  • Technology Park: Technology Park is a segment for tagging machines, embroiderers, printing machines, plotters, UV machines, lasers, milling machines, panel manufacturers, components for advertising production (plastic, glass, metal etc).
  • Printing House: This segment is open for specialists in printing services: offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, embroidery, thermal printing, large-format printing, tagging, print refinements: engraving, stamping, coating etc.
  • Packaging Materials: Packaging Materials is open for firms in packaging solutions: die cut packages, flap boxes, laminated packaging, cardboard packaging, cans, decorative and self-adhesive elements etc.
  • Photo Creation: Photo is a segment for solutions in image advertising, commercial video production, commercial photography, image banks.
  • Lighting Systems: Lighting Systems is a segment at suppliers in indoor and outdoor lighting advertising and visual identity: LED lights, neon lights, lightboxes etc.
  • Event Show: This segment is open for solutions in the event and party planning, event furniture, tents, seats, stands for various events.
  • IT & e-Solutions: This segment is open for firms in IT solutions for advertising, design, mobile apps, virtual reality, CRM systems, new technologies.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Outdoor Advertising is a segment for suppliers in outdoor advertising: mobile outdoor advertising, billboards, banners, signs, panels, aerial advertising, digital signage, car wrapping, flags etc.
  • Textile Zone: The Textile Zone is a perfect place for companies specializing in modern solutions in the clothing industry. In this sector of the trade fair you will find the suppliers of advertising clothes, work-wear, sportswear, protective clothing, fitness clothing, medical clothing, marking machines (screen printing machines, embroidery machines etc.), woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, household and utility textiles, additional textile elements and accessories, services etc.

The 15th edition of the RemaDays Warsaw advertising and printing fair took place from 13 to 15 February in Nadarzyn. During the three days of the fair, 21,112 visitors from 52 countries had visited the booths of 810 exhibitors from 27 countries. Visitors could fill their time at the event by having meetings, making themselves familiar with the interesting and wide offer of exhibitors and also attending lectures given by leading specialists and, at the same time, enjoying facilities, competitions and attractions provided by the organiser. What did the extensive program of RemaDays Warsaw 2019 look like? Feel free to watch the video report!

Visitors Profile:

Visitors like distributors of promotional products and branded clothing, advertising agencies specializing in promotional products industry.

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