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TURKCAST Istanbul 2022: Turkey Foundry Products

Event Name: TURKCAST Istanbul
Category: Industrial Goods
Event Date: 06 – 08 October, 2022
Location: TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: Hannover-Messe Ankiros Fuarcilik A.Ş. – prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar Caddesi 6 / 2 06680 Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90 (312) 439 67 92
Timings: 10:0 AM to 18:00 PM
Tickets: Free

TURKCAST Istanbul 2022 is the window of Turkish Foundry Industry opening to the World. As in every repetition, it contributes to the growth of the sector by offering new connections and opportunities to its exhibitors and visitors.

By being on the same stage with (TUDOKSAD) Turkish Foundry Association’s members and with the increasing interest in each repetition, TURKCAST Istanbul 2022 brings together the casting producers in different scales and talent, investors and casting buyer industry representatives on a common platform.

Turkish Casting Industry is the strongest and most stable casting producer in the region with a production of 5.3 million Euros and 2.5 million tons, and is the second largest producer among European countries with its export capacity of over 4 million Euros. More than 500 modern businesses are active in reliable, preferred suppliers for developed main industries.

TURKCAST Istanbul 2022 brings together Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Temper, Steel, Nonferrous Metals, Copper Alloys, Light Metals Zamak, Aluminum Alloys, High Series, Medium and Low Series, One Piece Castings, Ceramic Mold and Precision Castings, Continuous and Centrifugal Castings, High Pressure Castings, the production technologies covering all spectrum such as Low Pressure Casting, Sand and Coil Mold Casting, Full Mold, Thin Section Castings, Heavy Part Castings with manufacturers, purchasers and decision makers of the industry under one roof.

Suppliers specializing in Heat Treatments, Mechanical Machining, Surface Treatments, Metallographic and Quality Processes, in addition to Casting Simulation, Casting Parts, Design and Manufacturing of Molds will fulfill the expectations of casting buyers at the fair.

The industry leaders in the fields of Rolling, Flat and Forged Metallic Products, which are supplied by major industries, meet at ANKIROS. In the fair, all Steel, Casting and Forging buyers meet the Quality Steels, Flat Sheet and Rolling Products, Rods, Free Forging, Closed Mold Hot Forging manufacturers.

Automotive, Vehicle Tools Production and Side Industries, Rail Systems and Tools manufacturers, Agricultural Machinery, Machinery, Pump Valve, Hydraulic Systems production sectors, Defense and Aviation Industry, Energy Production, Mining, Iron Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals Production and Rolling Industry, White New and reliable suppliers for all production areas such as Goods, Cement Production, Petrochemical and Chemical Industry, Ceramics and Production Sectors, Medical Devices, Body Prostheses, Building and Urban Furniture, Infrastructure Products, Sculpture and Art Productions will be on stage in TURKCAST / ANKIROS once again.

Product Groups:


  • Melting plants and equipment
  • Cupolas
  • Electric melting & holding furnaces
  • Gas fired and fuel heated melting, holding furnaces
  • Melting, holding furnace accessories, melt treatment
  • Refractory technology
  • Installation and equipment for furnace linings and ladles
  • Refractory materials and products
  • Pouring equipment
  • Ladles
  • Metal metering and dispensing systems


  • Melting materials and consumables
  • Carburiser agents
  • Industrial Gases
  • Foundry coke
  • Melting and covering fluxes for ferrous alloys
  • Melting, covering fluxes for nonferrous metals
  • Fluxes, slag forming agents
  • Ingot metals, light alloys
  • Ingot metals, heavy alloys
  • Ferro-alloys
  • Inoculants and Inoculation alloys
  • Noduliser for SG iron
  • Alloying metals
  • Pig iron
  • Scrap
  • Moulding and core making materials
  • Sands, Minerals (Silica, Olivine, Zirkonium, Chromite others)
  • Syntethic binders, Resins, Glues
  • Moulding and core coatings
  • Feeding and flitration aids (covering compounds, breaker cores, filters, strainers, exothermic materials, cooling elements, insulating tiles and boards)
  • Moulding materials ready to use (shell sand, mixed bentonite and coal dust)
  • Synthetic Ceramic Sands
  • Materials for ceramic molds
  • Moulding material preparation, sand reclamation
  • Machines and plants for moulding material preparation (mixers, magnetic separators, measuring and control equipment, sand cooling plants,
  • sand aerators, sand preparation plants, sieves, screening machines)
  • Machines and plants for reclamation of returned sand (sand reclamation machines, cooler / classifiers, sand crushers, chromite and silica sand separators, zircon and silica sand separators)
  • Moulding auxiliaries (Pneumatic tools, foundry tools, moulding boxes and accessories, chaplets, mould and core gums, guns)
  • Automatic moulding machines
  • Casting Machines & Equipment
  • Continuous casting machines and accessories
  • Die Casting Technologies
  • High Pressure Die casting plants
  • Die casting machines (High Pressure, Low Pressure, Gravity)
  • Spares, peripherals for Die casting machines
  • Handling devices, robot automation for die casting plants
  • Vacuum devices, aspirators
  • Holding, Pouring, Dosing Furnaces
  • Gas treatment equipment and additives
  • Die cooling systems
  • Die Cast parting agents
  • Second hand machine trade, overhaul, repair of Die cast machines
  • Mould discharging, cleaning, fettling
  • Knock-out machines and equipment
  • Blasting machines and accessories
  • Grinding media (Steel shots, cut wire, glass, minerals)
  • Welding and cutting installations and accessories
  • Plants, Equipment for Heat prosses, Drying, Cooling
  • Mould driers, heaters
  • Core drying ovens
  • Sand drying plants
  • Heating appliances
  • Industrial coolers
  • Heat Engineering
  • Heat treatment ovens and equipment
  • Equipment of heat Treatment processes
  • Burners, Heaters and Controllers
  • Oils and Salts
  • Mould and Tool making machines
  • Machines and tools for Pattern, Mould & Tool making
  • Materials & materials for Pattern, Mould & Tool making
  • Accessories, spares for patterns, moulds & tools
  • Rapid prototyping and 3d printing machines.
  • Patterns, Moulds, CoreBox, Tools
  • Metal moulds, Tools
  • Ingot moulds
  • High pressure dies
  • Low pressure dies
  • Wax moulds
  • Centrifugal casting moulds
  • Trimming tools
  • Continuous casting moulds
  • Spares, maintenance and fittings for moulds
  • Oils, Lubricants, filters
  • Mold Materials
  • Steels for mould & tool making
  • Special coppers for tooling
  • Heat treatment of moulds
  • Heat treatment
  • Annealing
  • Marquenching, Austempering
  • Surface hardening
  • Thermo chemical processes
  • Thermal Processes
  • Equipment and consumables for Surface processes
  • Mechanical surface processes
  • Shot Peening
  • Blasting
  • Grinding Fettling
  • Polishing
  • Abrasives, Grinding Cutting disks
  • Chemical Surface Processes
  • Electrochemical Surface Processes
  • Anodising
  • Forging Technologies Plants & Equipment
  • Metal preparing, cutting
  • Heating, handling, feeding
  • Forging presses, auxiliaries
  • Robots, Manipulators, Automation
  • Forging Molds, Tools
  • Trimming tools & Presses
  • Lubricants for forging process
  • Metals for Forging process
  • Steels
  • Aluminium & Light Metal alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Other Alloys
  • High technology metallurgy processes
  • Sinter, Powder metallurgy
  • Vacuum casting
  • Rapid prototyping 3D Printing
  • Materials handling, transport, storage
  • Industrial trucks, vehicles
  • Cranes, hoists, lifts
  • Conveying systems
  • Bunkers, silos, accessories
  • Manipulators
  • Industrial robots
  • Industrial Weighing, Scales
  • R&D, Consulting, Training
  • Foundry plants, Turnkey installation, planning, construction, engineering
  • Representatives, Traders
  • Related Associations, Press, Media


  • Plant and equipment for processing primary, charge and raw materials
  • Handling of ores, coke and other prime materials
  • Ore dressing plants
  • Coke preparation
  • Pelletizing plants
  • Sintering plants
  • Briquetting plants
  • Coke oven plants
  • Scrap preparation plants
  • Metallic charge materials
  • Cevherler Ores
  • Hurdalar Scrap
  • Ferroalloys
  • Alloying metals, master alloys
  • Inoculants
  • Plant and equipment for iron making
  • Blast furnace plants
  • Direct reduction plants
  • Smelting reduction plants


  • Sand Casting
  • Hand Moulding
  • Machine Moulding
  • Flaskless Moulding
  • Horizontal Moulding
  • Shell Molding
  • Lost Foam
  • Die casting
  • Centrifugal castings
  • Gravity casting
  • High Pressure Die casting
  • Low Pressure Die casting
  • Continuous Casting
  • Investment, Precision Casting
  • Heavy Castings


  • Iron Castings
  • Nodular Castings
  • Steels Castings
  • Malleable, ADI, SiMo Castings
  • Copper Alloyed castings
  • Aluminium alloyed castings
  • Zinc alloyed castings
  • Magnesium alloyed castings
  • Other Metal castings


  • Heat treatment
  • Machining
  • Tool & Mould Making
  • Academics, Training, Related Associations, Press

Visitors Profile:

You Are Invited To The Global Gathering Of The Metallurgy Industry Ankiros / Annofer / Turkcast Trade Fairs!

ANKIROS / ANNOFER / TURKCAST which is one of the largest metallurgy gathering of the World and without a word the greatest metallurgy event of the Eurasia, will be organized in Tuyap Fair Congress Center, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul by Hannover Messe Ankiros Fuarcılık A.Ş. The fair duo , as well as the most important event of the year, will have more than 1000 national and international companies under one roof.

ANKIROS / ANNOFER / TURKCAST will provide an opportunity to follow the latest technologies of the global metallurgy industry and offer the most suitable suppliers for your needs.

The fair duo, the most important platform when it comes to global metallurgy industry, will help you to connect with the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters and also offer the beneficial business contacts and numerous opportunities to exhibitors and visitors.

This is the must-go event for;

Iron – steel producers, consumers and traders, foundries, non – ferrous metals producers, machinery manufacturing, military – defense industry, municipal, recycling, cement, automotive, railway, white goods, ship building, construction, metal packaging sector and the visitors whose from the other similar industries.

Visiting ANKIROS trade fairs will provide you the unique opportunity;

  • To do business in a world-class environment with professionals and suppliers.
  • To meet global suppliers for all your machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumables needs and choose the most suitable solution from alternatives for foundry production.
  • To chance to meet with the leading steel producers of Turkey’s and the global steel suppliers in special halls for steel industry.
  • To visit the concurrent fair, TURKCAST where the leading Turkish foundry producers’ power and foundry will be displayed. You will be a witness to the global success of Turkish foundries who is the shining star of the international casting industry.
  • To attend to concurrent congresses, you will have the chance to learn the current issues and innovative solutions about the problems of the industry.

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