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Saudi Food Expo: Riyadh Food & Beverage Expo

Saudi Food Expo 2022: Riyadh Food & Beverage Expo

Event Name: Saudi Food Expo
Event Date: 20 – 23 February, 2022
Location: Riyadh Front Expo – Riyadh Front, 13412 Saudi Arabia
Organizer: International Arabian Exhibition – King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ar Rabi, Riyadh 11564 Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966-11-454-7713
Timings: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Ticketing: –

Welcome to Saudi Food Expo 2022:

We present to you a ground-breaking of Saudi exhibitions that unites marketing and sales, making an extraordinary and important experience. It matters to us when you’re spending hard-earned money to be a part of an exhibition that should provide results and yield beyond marketing, Saudi Expo is just the way you need it to.

  • Joining the growing $54B Food Industry.
  • Expand your business, develop your network and increase your regional sales
  • Explore the phenomenal opportunities of Saudi Arabia`s multi billion dollars mega projects currently taking place in tourism, entertainment and hospitality
  • Signup to deals With a New Vendors, Wholesalers and Suppliers within the F&B Business

Why Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia bestows the most significant potential buyer market found in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Saudi Arabia remains devoted to revolutionizing its economy and attracting new business in addition to the continuous economic broadening and diversification through Vision 2030- a state-supported project pointed towards decreasing the nation’s dependence on oil through economic enhancement and diversification. Being the biggest in the region, with an estimated 221 billion riyals in the food industry alone, making Saudi Arabia a highly lucrative market for investments in restaurants, wholesalers, hypermarkets, along with entertainment projects.

To mention a few huge projects, Neom City ($500M), Amaala (2500 hotel rooms, 700 private villas, 200 outlets), Red Sea Development (Megaproject that focuses on building a place for tourists right on the red sea), Al-Qiddiya entertainment city (Almost as big as Las Vegas).

Not only this, International Monetary Fund (IMF) declared Saudi Arabia as the World’s Fastest growing economy with a non-oil growth of 7.2% with a per capita income of $33,500. Ranked 6th in the world for macroeconomic stability, Saudi Arabia is getting to be known for its “Europeanisation” of taste, easy capital movement, and repatriation of profits.

Moving on towards the food industry, food consumption is 3130 calories per capita per day with an annual growth of 18.5% and an import of $14.2 Billion per annum. Due to the rising population, consumption will grow to $70 Billion per annum. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal role in uplifting and supporting the food industry by launching an $800 million Food Security Initiative.

The younger population susceptible to western trends makes Saudi a good entry point whereas demand for organic foods is steadily increasing with the increase in health consciousness. Considering all these facts, Saudi Arabia tends to become the best choice for exhibiting in the food industry, close deals, and uplift your entire business to a whole new level leading you to sustainable success and prosperity.

Why Exhibit with Saudi Food Expo 2022?

In case you’re not showing at Saudi Food Expo you’re passing up an entire scope of game-evolving benefits. Advantages that could very well have that vital effect in changing your business into a business that can rival the big players in your industry. A key fact is that 1 out of 2 visitors sign deals at exhibitions.

Two words: Human Interaction. To bring deals to a close drives your need to fabricate trust. It’s a lot simpler to acquire a client’s trust when they are before you instead of via telephone or over email. Indeed, even in this computerized age, nothing beats up close and personal. Close deals and Book meetings with them during the occasion to fortify those connections while assembling new ones, all in one place.

Exhibiting at our exhibition gives you a front-row seat to make direct deals. Exhibiting here would open additional opportunities and return what you paid for. At Saudi Food Expo we make sure to provide an outstandingly designed platform, booth, to aid you in creating the most inviting environment.

Attendees who put forth the effort to come to our exhibition do so in light of the fact that they are effectively hoping to sign new deals. The greater part of the participants will be potential clients who are keen on your industry and the items or administrations you offer and are ready to close the deal on the spot as our exhibition will give a stage for you to sell straightforwardly to decision-makers.

Exhibiting here will give you one of only a handful few opportunities where you approach similar clients as your bigger rivals do. This makes Saudi Food Expo an important stage to fortify your image and position your business as a pioneer in Saudi Food Expo. Also, talking about your rivals, you can advance your business in a climate where you have similar outreach to similar clients like the big players in your field do. So, in the end, we ask you.

Food Industry in Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Arabia food industry stays the strongest area in the overall economy. Saudi Arabia is home to a developing food manufacturing and processing field which profits by population and growth in income, state support, lifestyle changes, and great economic alliance.

Market development is foreseen because of expanding urbanization, quick extension in food delivery benefits, an expanding number of youthful grown-ups, and working populace.

The worldwide chains have followed the system of localization and customization through canny adjustments. Investment in the area is projected to reach $59 billion in 2021, an expansion of around 64% more than 2013. For the restaurant business, positive results from Vision 2030 include broad venture for space for shopping, amusement, and accommodation.

The Saudi Arabia food industry produced $150 million in incomes in 2018. This increment was 19% higher than the incomes procured the prior year. The market size for bistros and cafes is generally $5.7 billion. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates represent 90% of the drink and food sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council district.

Most Saudi food producers rely upon imports for food ingredients. Saudi Arabia imported $2.7 billion worth of intermediate food items in 2019, generally for additional processing. Over 32.9 million tons of food items and drinks are utilized in Saudi Arabia every year.

The Food industry plays a pivotal and vital role in the employment of locals. More than 131,000 individuals have direct work openings in Saudi Arabia as a result of the food business. In the course of recent years, the workforce has ascended by 13% in the fragment.

Considering all these stats makes it imperative to realize the potential of exponential growth in the Saudi food industry leading to evident success and proving to be a gateway to success while spreading out throughout the region.

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