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CHINACOAT: Guangzhou Global Coatings Show

CHINACOAT 2022: Guangzhou Global Coatings Show

Category: Chemical and Dyes
Event Date: 06 – 08 December, 2022
Location: Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex (CIEFC), Guangzhou, P.R. China
Organizer: Hyve Group PLC, The Studios, 2 Kingdom St, London W2 6JG, United Kingdom
Phone: (86 755) 6138 8100
Timings: 09:00 – 17:00

27th edition of CHINACOAT – A Global Coatings Show on December 6-8, 2022 at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou

CHINACOAT has been offering a platform for the industry to leverage market potential and pursue business growth since 1996. Our CHINACOAT 2020 Guangzhou edition attracted over 22,200 trade visitors from 20 countries/regions, together with over 710 exhibitors from 21 countries/regions. On the surface, these data were far lower than previous editions. But under the effects of global pandemic, these results should be considered acceptable. CHINACOAT has also launched a new online platform since 2020 due to the pandemic, aiming to bring industry players together and help them to match businesses in an ‘Online + Offline’ hybrid format. CHINACOAT 2022 will be staged in Guangzhou again, allowing exhibitors to unlock business growth potential!

CHINACOAT 2022: Exhibition Categories

Raw Materials for the Production of Coatings, Inks & Adhesives

  • Oils & Fatty Acids
  • Natural / Synthetic Resins & Intermediates
  • Pigments, Fillers, Extenders & Dyes
  • Solvents & Plasticisers
  • Driers
  • Biocides & Fungicides
  • Functional Additives*
  • Performance Materials
  • Functional & Smart Coatings & Inks
  • Nanotechnology
    * such as Thickeners, Surfactants, Dispersants, Emulsifiers, Crosslinking Agents, Anti-foaming Agents, Anti-Skinning Agents, Levelling Agents, Biocides, Driers, Stabilizers, Waxes etc.

Production / Packaging Plants & Installations

  • Bulk Manufacturing
  • Mixers & Dissolvers
  • Handling & Packaging
  • Dispensers, Filling & Blending / Tinting Systems
  • Automation & Housekeeping
  • Filters, Pumps & Metering Devices
  • Mills, Mixers & Accessories, Production & Laboratory Types
  • Colour Dispensing
  • Packaging & Labelling Machines

Measurement & Testing of Coatings for QC / R&D

  • Colour & Other Visual Properties
  • Innovations in Measurement & Testing
  • Dry Film & Mechanical Properties (including Durability)
  • Chemical Characterization
  • Wet Paint Characterization (Viscosity, Rheology, Wetting Behavior etc.)
  • Surface Analysis

Powder Coatings Technology: CHINACOAT 2022

  • ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ Resins & Pigments
  • Extruders & Other Production Machineries
  • UV & NIR Curing Powder Coatings
  • TGIC Systems
  • Solid Solvents to Improve Dispersion & Application
  • Powder Coatings for Temperature Sensitive Substrates
  • Alternatives for Polyester
  • Metallic Effects Powder Coatings

UV / EB Technology & Products: CHINACOAT 2022

  • Raw Materials, such as Reactive Diluents (Monomers), Oligomers, Photoinitiators, Pigments, Additives etc.
  • Formulated Products, such as UV Coatings, UV Inks, UV Adhesives, Printing Plates, Photoresists, UV Inks for PCB, Dry Films, Optical Imaging Inks etc.
  • Irradiation Equipment, such as UV Lamp, Electron Beam Devices, Light Curing Equipment, Coating
  • Equipment, Material Properties Testing Equipment and UV Dosimeters

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) & Other Services

  • Daily Plant Management
  • Wastewater / Solid Waste / Emission Treatment
  • Packaging & Waste Reduction
  • Environmental Conservation & Safety Equipment
  • Technical Information
  • Recycling
  • Hygienic & Easy Clean Surfaces
  • Green Technology
  • Consultancy

Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesive Products

Why Visit CHINACOAT 2022?


Since its first edition held in 1996, CHINACOAT has grown to become a global coatings event. It is now a comprehensive showcase of the entire supply chain of raw materials, coatings products and technologies. Visiting CHINACOAT can be of immense benefit:

  • Source from great number of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers at competitive prices.
  • Stay abreast of industry developments and collect useful market intelligence.
  • Concurrent Technical Programmes (including Workshop, Technical Seminars, etc.) offer learning opportunities to help better understand the applications of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends.

In 2022, CHINACOAT will return to Guangzhou to showcase again new products and novel technologies of the global coatings community! Visitor Pre-registration is now open, register now.

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