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Indo Africa B2B Multi Sector Expo: Nairobi, Kenya

Indo Africa Expo Kenya IIATE 2022: Nairobi B2B Expo

Event Name: Indo Africa Expo (International Indo Africa B2B Trade Expo Kenya: IIATE)
Category: Business Services
Event Date: 21 – 23 April, 2022
Location: Kenyatta International Convention Centre, City Square, Nairobi, Kenya
Organizer: QuickMarc – Gf-31, Paradise Complex, Sayajigunj, Vadodara 390005 Gujarat, India
Phone: +91-6352171372
Timings: 10:00 AM – 19:00 PM

Introduction to ‘Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022

Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 provides you with a personal and direct way to do business and meeting with the targeted buyers all in one place at the same time. Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 will deliver a highly cost effective face-to-face sales and marketing platform that create values for each and every customer

Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 is the prime event in Kenya attract customers from 12 African Countries. exhibitors from India will be exhibiting displaying a wide range of products Automotive, IT, Electronics, Building, Construction, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Hotel Supplies, Consumer, Household, Industrial Machinery, safety, Security, Printing, packaging, Flashes, Rubber. The exhibition will be held at Kenyatta International Convention Centre, the perfect venue for hosting International trade exhibition 2022 in Nairobi, The Kenyatta International Convention Centre is located in the central business district of Nairobi,. It’s exhibition 2020 attract trade visitors from all the sectors of Kenya and the neighboring countries such as Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania and Ethiopia It offers high standard facilities equipment & services.

Non-competitive Environment

Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 is a show with a difference. The objective of this customer-centric IIATE is to provide a unique opportunity for our clients to promote their products in a non-competitive environment.

Through this Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 we intend to create a monopoly-sort environment as we would not let many other companies promote the same product/service on the same platform as we do not wish to create competition for you. So, you can enjoy an unchallenged opportunity to tap the market.

While most event organizers focus on industry-based Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 , Our Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022 is a customer-centric IIATE. Our aim is to promote our clients and provide them full-opportunity to establish and promote their business in Africa.

Pre and Post Exhibition Marketing Support

We will conduct pre event “Franchisee Opportunity Meet” for our exhibitors to support them in a new market, short list prospective trade buyers and franchisee seekers. After the exhibitions we provide such marketing support on request like dedicated e-mailers to visitors, Continued Online Promotion through Brochures, post event Follow ups with your hot prospects.

Quickmarc Team Work Force

We have our own franchisee network with people in Africa having prospective clients interested in buying franchisee of various Indian products. This large organization helps us for pre event invitation, they shall stay in touch with clients and help them arrive at a decision, these work forces are great at relationship selling. Through such one-to-one Interaction and persistent follow-up we hope for good number of conversions.

We Provide Full Comprehensive Background Support to our Clients

Our dedicated marketing team in Africa will provide complete background support to our clients in their pursuit to establish business in a new market. A detailed research report will be provided to our clients focusing on trade opportunity for their products. A comprehensive data on prospective relevant trade buyers will be provided to them even before they come to attend the exhibition.

At our IIATE, we do not work like typical organizers. When organizing an IIATE, we do not just provide space; we take the onus of providing all the desirable pre-and post-exhibition services.

IIATE 2022 is an opportunity and an invitation to all established businesses and start-ups in India who wish to export their products in Africa and expand their market reach. We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals in Africa who have helped us established our reach in major countries in East and Central Africa. We request you to take full advantage of the unique marketing opportunity by joining hands with us.

Don’t limit yourself; promote your brand with us. Gain advantage of early entry into a growing African market

Indo Africa IIATE 2022 provides you with a personal and direct way to do business and meeting with the targeted buyers all in one place at the same time. It will deliver a highly cost effective face-to-face sales and marketing platform that create values for each and every customer.

Indo Africa IIATE 2022 is the prime event in Kenya attract customers from 12 African Countries.

9 Key Benefits of Participate in Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022

  • New Limitless Opportunities
    Participating in Indo Africa multi sector B2B trade IIATE 2022 open your product to multitude of interested trade buyers that may have no prior knowledge of your brand and products. Which give your company’s sales team an unprecedented level of access to important prospects in your sales pipe line that you wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to contact.
  • Save on Time & Marketing Cost
    It might seem counter intuitive to say this, but the fact is that we allow you to harness the power of sharing. IIATE can take 5 to 6 days of your company’s sales team and a big cost per event. Though you might have to make a small investment to showcase your products but the cost to convert a prospect into a sale is much lower than other alternatives.
  • Enhance Reputation
    Participating in our IIATE is a wonderful way to show that your company is Serious, Reliable and large enough to afford its own presence at leading international exhibition. Customers perceive that a product selling in multiple countries to be of higher quality and better services than brands that just sell locally.
  • Increased Revenue Potential
    We shall help to drastically expand your market beyond local borders. More leads translate to more sales. It opens the door to future business expansion and you can operate more efficiently and grow at an accelerated rate with great way to boost your market share and profits.
  • Global Brand Proximity
    Branding is a huge aspect of business success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation. Moving into an international market gives your products the distinct advantage of connecting with new customers and new business partners around the world.
  • B2bTrade Show Exposure
    Help you to showcase, Demonstrate and promote your products and services to key decision makers and pro active buyers who will be attending the show. Some 6,000 quality trade visitors will attend this show, and these are the people you want to reach: key purchasers, buyers, partners and suppliers People who attend trade shows tend to be Motivated, in the right mind frame and interested in good franchisee opportunities and buying the products. In short, they’re much more worthwhile prospects than those picked out of other marketing tools.
  • Face 2 Face Interaction
    When it comes to influencing a decision, nothing can compete with face-to-face interaction. We aim you to meet trade buyers & franchisee seekers and interact with them personally and assessing on their preferences highlights the benefits of suitable products offered by our exhibitors.
  • Promotional magazine
    •  More than 20,000 copies of our print magazine carrying your full / half-page adverts will be distributed in major cities of Kenya.
    Besides, the magazine will also be distributed in neighborhood countries of Kenya.
    •  Your adverts in our promotional magazines will reach all trade buyers, industrialists, franchisee seekers, businessmen, suppliers in Kenya and all visitors coming to the exhibition.
     Our intensive advertising magazine will focus on marketing of all exhibitor’s brand in your targeted business segment.

Few Key Statistics and Facts

Illustration of why your company’s investment in international B2B trade show marketing is a smart one:

  • 91% of 250 surveyed CEOs of US corporations says,- the internet does not replace the fair.
  • 91% of attendees say trade shows impact their buying decisions.
  • 82% of exhibition attendees have buying influence.
  • 77% of attendees represent a new prospect for exhibiting companies.

Indo Africa Expo IIATE 2022: Exhibitors Profile

It is one of the most significant events in this industrial belt and will serve as an ideal B2B platform for entrepreneurs, CEO’S, consultants, Senior government officials, decision makers and trade delegations to congregate, brainstorm, showcase and forge meaningful business partnerships. This business platform will provide an excellent opportunity for interacting with luminaries from practically all corners of India, promoting business and giving a fillip to the growth & development of Industrial Sector in the country, joint ventures, investments and technology transfer and thus play an important role in “Make in India“.

  • Food, Drink & Beverages
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Security, Protection & Technology Chew able Energy – Power & Energy, Solar Energy
  • Fertilizer, Agriculture & Forestry Wellness, Health & Fitness
  • Automobiles Spares & Accessories Environment & Waste
  • Computer & Gadgets, IT
  • Machinery & Tools, Hardware & Tools, Warehousing, Aluminium & Steel, Industrial Products, Chemicals & Coating, Laundry Automation Minerals, Metals & Ores
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Business Services
  • Industrial Products & engineering
  • Hospital & Surgical
  • Fashion & Beauty, Wedding & Bridal
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Advertising, Packaging, Printing
  • Auto & Automotive
  • Cables & Wires
  • Banking & Finance
  • Air & Water Management
  • Education & Training
  • Textile, Fabrics & Yams

Visitors Profile:

  • Decision Makers
  • Top Executives
  • Technical Experts
  • President
  • CEO / CFO
  • Chairman
  • Board Of Directors
  • SME Decision Makers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Industrial Consultants
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Research Associates & Technologists
  • Engineers and Technicians
  • Govt. Delegates
  • Traders, Whole Sellers & Retailers
  • International & Domestic Delegates
  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Professional Consultants
  • CEOs & Senior Managers of Indian Companies / MNCs
  • Bankers and Investors
  • Commercial & Registered Breeders
  • Universities & Research Institutions
  • Government Representatives
  • Delegation From Various Associations
  • Project Managers

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