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Ceramica West Africa: Nigeria Ceramic, Bathroom Kitchen Expo

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Nigeria Ceramic, Bathroom & Kitchen

Event Name: Ceramica West Africa
Category: Architecture and Designing

Event Date: 05 – 07 July, 2022
Location: Landmark Centre, Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Road Victoria Island Annex Eti-Osa Oniru, Ikoyi II, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa
Organizer: ElanExpo, Yıldız Posta Caddesi No: 30/11, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 273 18 18
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Events Profile


Event Ceramica West Africa 2022 will gather the sector at Lagos Landmark Event Centre!

Gathering buyers and manufacturers of ceramic, stone, bathroom and kitchen products from around the world, Ceramica West Africa 2022 also offers a broad educational agenda, with free to attend certified workshops.

With ELANEXPO‘s expertise in organizing focused Conferences & Workshops for varied industry segments, Nigeria BuildExpo hosted a series of educative sessions during all three days of the show. These seminars served as the educational workshops for attendees. VIP speakers from top industry bodies and companies shared their know-how and vision on the build construction world. Thus, creating a platform for communication between the experts and attendees is the main target of this activity.

We are delighted to announce Ceramica West Africa 2022 is the only place to be if you are in that sector. With key dedicated product groups you can be part of, there is no better time to secure your stand space for 2022. Ceramica West Africa 2022 will welcome the companies in the product lines of Ceramic surfaces, wallpapers, wood flooring, marble, stone, bathroom furnishings, brick, sanitary-ware and tile. We expect more than 70 companies from more than 10 countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Russia and UAE and 3800 visitors.

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Why Exhibit?

  • Nigeria is now Africa’s largest foreign direct investments beneficiary, and its diversification is well underway. Indeed, the non-oil sector is growing faster than the oil sector as Nigeria’s 182 million-strong population starts getting wealthier and consuming more and more.
  • Nigeria market is, without doubt, the biggest in Africa with an official population figure of 182 million. Nigeria GDP was about 568,5 million USD in 2014.
  • Labor is relatively cheap in Nigeria: both skilled and unskilled. With an army of unemployed graduates, employers have a big pool to tap from and at a relatively cheap cost.
  • Start a business from the sectors with the potential of the highest return.

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Bathroom Products, Bathroom Furnishings, Sanitary Installations And Accessories:

  • Sanitary Ware Products
  • Armature Groups
  • Bath-tub
  • Jacuzzi, Shower Cabin
  • Hydro massage Systems
  • Sauna and Accessories
  • Toilet
  • Reservoir and Complementary Products
  • Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
  • Towel warmer and Radiator Systems

Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles And Wall-covering Products:

  • Ceramic Products
  • Porcelain Products
  • Granite Products
  • Natural Stone Products
  • Marble Products
  • Tales and Mosaic Products
  • Glass and Glass Construction Products

Ceramic Processing Technologies:

  • Ceramic Machines
  • Ceramic Paint & Raw Materials and Adhesives
  • Ink and Pigments
  • Isolation Materials and Chemicals
  • Ceramic Cutters
  • Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Scraper and Lustering Machines and Stones
  • Brick-Tile Machines and Equipment

Kitchen Products And Accessories:

  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Solo and Built-in Kitchen Devices
  • Counter-tops
  • Closet-in Rail
  • System and Equipment
  • Decoration Products and Accessories Producers
  • Floor, Wall and Ceiling Covering Products
  • Decorative Objects and Accessories
  • Inside and Outside Lightening Products
  • Electronic Smart Home Systems
  • Heating
  • Cooling and Climatization Systems

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Why Visit?

  • Discover new & trendy products
  • Book in face-to-face appointments with key suppliers
  • Connect with new suppliers, customers, and business partners
  • Network with your peers from across the country & around the world
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging or changing market trends
  • Engage with your industry community locally

Ceramica West Africa 2022: Visitors Profile

  • Government Authorities
  • Local Governorate
  • Municipality officials
  • Ministry representatives from Central Government
  • Local businessmen
  • International companies representatives located in region
  • Decision-makers from neighboring countries
  • Merchants
  • Investors
  • Distributors
  • Architects and engineers
  • Property developers, owners / landlords, and managers
  • Building materials distributors
  • Builder’s merchants, Building contractors, and tradesmen
  • Manufacturers of construction products and machinery
  • Public building administrations and government agencies

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