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Polagra Premiery: Poland Agricultural Fair

Polagra Premiery 2023: Poland Agricultural Fair

Event Name: Polagra Premiery
Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Event Date: 13 – 15 January, 2023
Location: Poznan International Fair Grounds, Glogowska 14 60-101 Poznan, Poznan, Poland
Organizer: Grupa MTP, Głogowska Street 14, 60-734, Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48/61 869 25 29
Timings: 10:00 – 18:00
Tickets: Available online at

Polagra Premiery International Agricultural Fair has been gathering a great group of entrepreneurs for years, enabling producers and distributors to present the latest technologies and solutions used in agriculture.

Polagra Premiery 2023: About

The Polagra Premiery International Agricultural Fair is an extremely important event for the agricultural industry not only in Poland, but also in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a perfect place to exchange experiences and knowledge between business representatives. The foundation of the fair is a wide range of topics addressed to professional audiences and a high substantive level of all accompanying events co-created with representatives of the economy and industry associations.

The Polagra Premiery 2023 fair is, above all, the perfect moment to present new products, world market premieres and innovative agricultural equipment for the new season, which will be a response to the dynamically changing needs of customers. Business talks between distributors and producers enable the conclusion of long-term business contacts and a wide promotion of services and products. Polagra Premiery 2023 covers technology, cultivation and breeding. It is dedicated to four groups of visitors: farmers, owners and managers of farms and entrepreneurs. For years, the fair has played an important role for the Polish economy, serving the development of the agricultural industry both in our country and internationally.

Each edition, apart from market novelties, presents a very rich program of events. We work with the best publishers in the agricultural industry and together with them we prepare a space for substantive discussions during conferences or lecture zones. During the fair, Gold Medals are awarded, i.e. prestigious awards of experts in the field of technological innovation. We also cooperate with government units and co-create training and presentations for farmers. We care about the promotion of Polish producers abroad, which is why every year we develop the Hosted Buyers program, under which we invite about 100 buyers from various countries of Southern and Eastern Europe.

Thematic Scope:

  • 01. Machinery, equipment and tools for agriculture
    • 1.1. Agricultural transport
    • 1.2. Land cultivating machinery, equipment and tools
    • 1.3. Soil fertilizing and sprinkling machinery and equipment
    • 1.4. Plant protection and cultivation machines, equipment and tools
    • 1.5. Sowing and planting machines and equipment
    • 1.6. Harvesting machines and equipment
    • 1.7. Grassland machines and equipment
    • 1.8. Equipment for agricultural machinery repair and maintenance
    • 1.9. Manual fanning tools
    • 1.10. Spare parts and sub-assemblies
    • 1.11. String, foil and mesh for agricultural machines for baring
    • 1.12. Equipment and accessories for repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment
    • 1.13. Continuous handling systems (conveyors)
    • 1.14. Components, spare parts, accessories
  • 02. Equipment and accessories for repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment
  • 03. Agricultural seeds
  • 04. Gardening seeds
  • 05. Chemicals in agriculture
    • 5.1. Organic fertilizers
    • 5.2. Mineral fertilizers
    • 5.3. Plant protection agents
  • 06. Agro-building
  • 07. Equipment for animal standings
  • 08. Milking and milk pre-processing equipment
  • 09. Animal excrement removing and processing equipment
  • 10. Industrial fodders, fodder admixtures
  • 11. Machines, equipment for animal feed preparation and for animal feeding
  • 12. Animal breeding material
  • 13. Machines and equipment for animal husbandry
  • 14. Veterinary equipment and preparations
  • 15. Machines and equipment for production of bio fuels
  • 16. Measurement apparatus and laboratory equipment
  • 17. Work safety and hygiene
  • 18. Information, services and publications
  • 19. Branch Newspapers
  • 20. Branch Unions and Associations

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