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Meat and Poultry Industry Russia: Moscow Expo

Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2023: Moscow Expo

Event Name: Meat and Poultry Industry Russia
Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Event Date: 30 May – 01 June, 2023
Location: Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Street. D.16 international Krasnogorsk Moskovskaya oblast, Russia
Organizer: Asti Group Exhibition Company, Barklaya street. 6/5, Barklay Plaza Business Centre, Moscow 121087 Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 797-69-14
Timings: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM

Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2023” is an important industry platform for demonstrating the most advanced developments in the field of manufacturing high quality products: from equipment and technologies for growing and keeping farm animals, from feeding stuff production to processing raw materials.

Meat & Poultry Industry Russia 2023: Event Profile

Meat & Poultry Industry Russia 2023 is an important event showcasing the entire chain of animal protein production and processing “from feed to food”. All the segments of the industry will be represented: feed and feed production, hatchery, live production, processing, further processing, packaging and transportation.

The exhibitors will have an opportunity to represent their products to 7200+ industry professionals from Russia and CIS countries committed to implement best practices and remain competitive. Among those attending are leading agricultural holdings, pig breeding and poultry production units, processing companies and all those involved in animal protein production .

Meat & Poultry Industry Russia 2023 is aiming to bring the latest industry report and data to the guests. That is why we organize Meat and Poultry Industry Summit co-located with the exhibition.

Main Mission:

  • To map a complete and unimpaired image of the market of agricultural products in Russia.
  • To demonstrate innovations: all the new agricultural technologies are presented at our show.
  • To discuss the prospects of the industry development and the measures to be taken to ensure the food security of the country’s population.
  • To form an extensive business and client sector from companies and manufacturers in the domestic agricultural industry.
  • To create a platform for establishing business contacts with potential partners and leading experts from all over the world.

For recent years, the agro-industrial market in Russia has been developing dynamically: grain, fodder and meat & milk production turnover is increased. According to Rosstat, in 2018 the growth of the agro-industrial complex amounted to 2.3%. To implement the country’s food safety program, there are launched large-scale investment projects for the construction of new complexes that require modern equipment and raw materials: micro and macro components, veterinary preparations, as well as solutions for processing, packaging and delivery of agricultural products to the consumer.

Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2023: Exhibitors Profile

Fodder Production and Feed

  • Feed base, forage crops
  • Plant protection products
  • Mineral fertilizers
  • Processing, storage and transportation of grain and feed
  • Crushing, mixing, batching, granulating lines
  • Grain and feed preservatives
  • Laboratory equipment and system solutions for the analysis of grain and feed quality
  • Equipment and technologies for feed production
  • Packing lines for crops
  • Raw materials and special additives for feed production
  • Feed mills and plants
  • Feed and feed components, compound feeds, concentrates, premixes, feed additives


  • Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, vaccines
  • Vitamin and mineral complex preparations, mycotoxin eliminators, prebiotics, probiotics, anti-stress and
  • Immunostimulating drugs
  • Veterinary instruments and equipment
  • Preparations and equipment for farm bio-security

Agricultural Spaces

  • Design, construction and reconstruction of agricultural premises, feed and processing enterprises
  • Design and construction of refrigerated warehouses, chambers, terminals
  • Floor coverings
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Service, warranty and post-warranty service

Breeding and Breeding Business

  • Breeding and breeding programs
  • Quality examination systems of breeding animals and their products
  • Genetic material
  • Reproduction technique

Equipment for Growing and Content

  • Equipment and technologies for pig breeding
  • Poultry growing equipment, hatchers and incubation systems
  • Equipment and technologies for livestock
  • Drinking bowls and containers for drinking
  • Feeding technology, fencing table racks, feeders
  • Manure systems
  • Ventilation systems for animals (curtains, panels, fans, exhaust shafts)
  • Microclimate systems
  • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation


  • Equipment and technologies for processing organic waste of agricultural production
  • Equipment and technologies for processing waste from the agricultural sector and the food industry
  • Plants for the production of biogas from organic waste from animal husbandry and crop production
  • Technologies for biomass production

Slaughter and Primary Processing Equipment

  • Slaughter, primary processing complexes, special dressing of cattle and slaughter products
  • Cutting lines
  • Overhead tracks, lifting and lowering equipment, conveyors
  • Sterilizers and sinks

Equipment and Technologies For Raw Material Processing

  • Processing plants and lines
  • Equipment for mechanical and thermal processing of meat
  • Meat boning systems, meat chopping machines, slicing machines
  • Equipment for the manufacture of smoked meats, sausage and canning equipment
  • Forming systems (apparatus for icing and breading, syringes, sausage cutters, clippers)
  • Egg processing lines and pasteurization equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and system solutions for product quality analysis

Refrigerating and Freezing Equipment

  • Central refrigeration systems
  • Design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigeration units, ice makers, ice storage tanks
  • Industrial refrigeration and freezing complexes for quick freezing of food and semi-finished products of
  • Vegetable, animal and marine origin
  • Tiled freezers
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment (racks, display cases, chests, stalls)

Why Participate?

For a highly competitive environment formed in the Russian agro-industrial complex it is typical to have increased attention to the problems of production safety, reduction in production costs, as well as innovations in processing and packaging of products for fast delivery to consumers. Addressing the market challenges, exponents will present innovative technological solutions for high-quality processing and product delivery to the counter or restaurant.

Exhibitors will become familiar with domestic and foreign innovations in these areas. Applications for the presentation of technologies have already been sent by companies from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Korea, Japan.

The show Meat and Poultry Industry Russia has been regularly held since 2001. In 2017 this important inter-industrial event was visited by 7500 agro-business professionals from 79 world countries and from 73 Russian regions.

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