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Dairy Expo Hyderabad: India Dairy Industries

Dairy Expo Hyderabad 2022: India Dairy Industry Expo

Event Name: Dairy Expo Hyderabad
Category: Agriculture and Forestry
Event Date: 18 – 20 February, 2022
Location: HITEX Exhibition Centre – Hitex International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India
Organizer: Media Day Marketing, 2nd Floor, No-16/2/741/D/24, Fazilat Manzil, Beside Tv Tower, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500060 India
Phone: +91-040-4953291, +91-9341473494, +91-9248669027
Email: dairyexpo@mediaday.co.in
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Dairy Expo Hyderabad 2022 is India’s leading trade show and exhibition for the dairy industry, which is going to be held from 18 – 20 February, 2022 at HITEX Exhibition Centre – HITEX International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India. Dairy Expo  Hyderabad 2022 will be a big boon for the dairy industry to stand back in the new normal after the Covid-19 Chinese Virus epidemic.

It focuses on bringing the complete chain of stake holders in the dairy industry onto one platform giving a fair chance of interaction and growth for the industry stake holders. Hyderabad also is the head quarters for Department of Animal Husbandry and being the 5th largest city in India has a milk consumption of about 30 lakh liters of milk. It is also home to one of the famous brands of milk and milk products in India and is surrounded by many dairy farms around the city.

Media Day Marketing has to its credit been successfully conducting the International Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo (www.trucktrailerntyreexpo.com) since 2016. Besides the Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo, Media Day has also been conducting Reefer and Container Expo, Tipper and Tanker Expo as concurrent events with TTT Expo, AutoTechnika and Green Vehicle Expo in Bangalore, and Office 360 Expo in Hyderabad.

Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy since ages. With many rivers crisscrossing the Indian subcontinent , The land in India provided a very good ground for agriculture and stood to be the land of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Being one of the most densely populated countries of the world, India’s share in agriculture production is also high and this sector contributes to about 18% of the GDP. India stands to be among the top 10 agriculture exporter in the world and more than 50% of its work force has been directly or indirectly involved the agriculture sector.

Dairy Sector in Telangana:

The state of Telangana has a rich livestock resource of cattle and sheep accounting for about 5.5% of countries cattle and sheep population and provides livelihood to about 2.9 million families. Telangana holds the 13th position in milk production with about 3.95 million MTs. The state consumption of milk is about 68 lakh liters a day while consumption in Hyderabad amounts to about 30 lakh litres.

The Atmanirbhar scheme of the central government as well as the various schemes provided by the state government have played a crucial role in developing this sector in the state.

Why Hyderabad:

Hyderabad has been a central place since a very time. Being the capital of the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh and now the capital of Telangana, it has been the headquarters of growth in the state of Telangana. being centrally located from all the districts of the state, and surrounded by the catchment area of the river Musi, it is surrounded by a very huge agriculture belt around it.

Hyderabad also is the head quarters for Department of Animal Husbandry and being the 5th largest city in India has a milk consumption of about 30 lakh liters of milk. It is also home to one of the famous brands of milk and milk products in India and is surrounded by many dairy farms around the city.

Why Exhibit:

  • Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • An Apt Platform to reach the Targeted Customers
  • A one stop for all latest industry trends in one place
  • An Excellent opportunity to showcase new products and technologies to leading Clients
  • The Right Platform to boost you business
  • An Excellent opportunity to engage Face-to-Face with Prospective Clients
  • An Apt Platform to Connect with Right Partners for your business Needs

Dairy Expo Hyderabad 2022: Exhibitor Profile

Profile of exhibit based on:

  • Animal suppliers
  • Animal Feed suppliers
  • Animal Nutrition providers
  • Animal Health care providers
  • Banks & Insurance Services
  • Climate Control equipment manufactures
  • Cold chain Equipment for Perishable Produces
  • Cold room & Refrigeration Appliances
  • Cold storage Machinery & Services
  • Cooling Pads & Heat Extractors
  • Dairy Equipment suppliers
  • Dairy Technology Providers
  • Dairy Consultants
  • Dairy Management
  • Digital Temperature Controller & Data Logger
  • Dairy Colleges and Institutions
  • Energy Management agencies
  • Farming Technology providers
  • Farming equipment providers
  • Farm Lighting manufactures
  • Genetics
  • Greenhouses Manufactures
  • Green houses equipment Suppliers
  • Health and Nutrition agencies
  • Insecticides Manufactures
  • Liquid processing technology
  • Logistic agencies for milk management
  • Milk Processing technology
  • Milking machine manufactures
  • Milk packaging manufactures
  • Milk testing equipment manufactures
  • Marketing & Export Services
  • Magazines / papers / Books / Directories / CD etc.
  • Nodal Government Agencies / Department
  • Powder making equipment manufactures
  • Packaging equipment manufactures and suppliers
  • Pollution control equipment manufactures
  • Printing and coding
  • Pre production equipment suppliers
    Post production equipment suppliers
  • Perishable Cargo Handling
  • Quality Testing service providers
  • Quality testing equipment agencies
  • Quality certification agencies
  • Refrigeration Technology
  • Refrigeration vehicle manufactures
  • Refrigerated Van & Trucks / Body Builders
  • Research Agencies
  • R & D Organizations
  • Researchers / Students
  • Storage technology providers
  • Storage Equipment / Packaging Solutions
  • Waste Management System
  • Water harvesting system manufactures
  • Water Management suppliers

Why Visit:

  • A One stop for all latest industry trends in one place
  • See new products and technologies from leading vendors
  • Compare and decide what best suits your business needs
  • A helping platform for making purchasing decisions
  • Learn about the latest trends, and engage Face-to-Face with Suppliers
  • An apt platform to connect with right partners for your business
  • A helping platform for making purchasing decisions needs

Dairy Expo Hyderabad 2022: Visitors Profile

  • Researchers
  • Dairy product Traders
  • Dairy sector Investors
  • Dairy Research Scholars
  • Dairy Students
  • Dairy Officials
  • Insurance providers
  • Financing agencies
  • Cargo handlers
  • Cold Storage providers
  • Decision Makers
  • Export / Import Agencies
  • Farmers
  • Marketing personnel
  • Media personnel
  • Promoters
  • Purchase department personnel
  • Research & Development Agencies
  • Testing and Certifying agencies
  • Supply chain management officials
  • Organizations looking of new tie-ups
  • And other interested people

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