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Cavaliada Warszawa 2022: Horse Riding, Breeding, Care

Event Name: Cavaliada Warszawa
Category: Sporting Goods

Event Date: 10 – 13 November, 2022
Location: Arena COS Torwar, Łazienkowska 6A, 00-449 Warszawa, Poland
Organizer: Poznan International Fair, ul.Glogowska 14 60-734 Poznan Poland
Phone: +48 61 869 2000 / +48 61 869 2383
Timings: 10:00 – 6:00
Tickets: –

Animal Care, Equestrian, Horse Riding, Horse Breeding, Horse Race and Horseback Riding Expo

Cavaliada Warszawa 2022: Event Profile

Cavaliada Warszawa 2022 is a prominent show and the first step for young equestrian adepts to their future sport career. Cavaliada Warszawa 2022 is going to be held for a period of four days in Warsaw, Poland. Competing with other young contestants and performing before a large crowd is giving them the possibility to gain experience paying off in the future. More and more visitors are expected to visit the show.

Cavaliada Warszawa 2022 is an international equestrian competition, which consists of a series of indoor Cavaliada Tour sporting events. The aim is to popularize horse riding as a sports discipline and forms of recreation and to stimulate interest in horse breeding. It is an exciting equestrian competition played at a high international sports level. In the Cavaliada arenas, fighters compete in competitions in jumping through obstacles, dressage, eventing and driving, which are entered in the calendar of the World Equestrian Federation.

CAVALIADA Warszawa CSI2 * riding a great holiday – a unique excitement and beauty of sports struggle. The audience will be able to admire the athletes during the competition in:

  • CSI2 * – International Competition Jumping
  • Indoor Polish Cup Eventing
  • Indoor Cup Polish horse cart riding four-in
  •  National Competition Dressage (at Little Round)
  • CAVALIADA Future

There will also, of course, your favorite fan zones CAVALIADY:

  • MEET the STARS

Cavaliada Warszawa 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Exhibitor product profile are based on clothing and riding equipment, stable equipment, equipment and resources for the care of horses, vitamins, feed, souvenirs, publishing and services.

Visitors Profile:

Visitors are related to the sector of publishing and service.

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