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Paperex South India: Chennai Paper Pulp Expo

Paperex South India 2022: Chennai Paper Pulp Expo

Event Name: Paperex South India
Category: Paper
Event Date: 23 – 25 November, 2022
Location: Chennai Trade Center, 68, Mount Poonamalle High Road, CTC Complex, Nandambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089 India
Organizer: Hyve Group PLC, The Studios, 2 Kingdom St, London W2 6JG, United Kingdom
Phone: +91-11- 66295700
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

5th International Exhibition & Conference on Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries

Paperex South India 2022: Event Profile

Paperex South India 2022 is part of the Paperex series of international events which serve the pulp, paper and allied industries in India. It provides a platform for the regional business community to meet with domestic and international manufacturers across the industry.

At Paperex South India 2022 you can:

  • Launch new products, technology and services
  • Display the latest machinery and technologies for modernizing existing paper mills
  • Identify alternate suppliers of machinery, equipment and services
  • Source raw materials and identify sources of investments and funding
  • Have face to face interaction with industry players
  • Identify new import and export opportunities
  • Build brand recognition amongst industry players and end users

Paperex South India 2022 will be taken place from 23 – 25 November, 2022 at Chennai Trade Center, Chennai, India. There are many ways of communicating product and provider know-how, however exhibitions enable you to position a supplier’s claims comprehensively to the scan by using inspecting the products for yourself and evaluating and contrasting their efficiency.

Paperex South India 2022: Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at Paperex South India 2022 provides an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate the latest technology, equipment and solutions and position your brand and products as a key player and supplier of the industry in front of high quality trade visitors who are actively looking for products, services and solutions.

Paperex South India 2022 provides a unique platform for the vendor and suppliers markets to position their technology, equipment, products and services in context of the continuity and regulatory issues that are driving sales today.

Exhibiting at Paperex South India 2022 can be extremely rewarding, but it is not just about turning up and watching the business flood in. With careful planning you can ensure that you get the most out of your investment and take full advantages of the opportunities at Paperex South India 2022 event.

Some good reasons for you to be a part of Paperex South India 2022:

  • To absorb and transfer latest global technology
  • Have face-to-face interaction with industry players at one place
  • To find new source of raw materials and market of finished products
  • Identify alternate suppliers of machinery, equipment & spares
  • Identify source of investments & funding
  • Negotiate with overseas companies to establish a manufacturing base in India
  • To fulfill requirement of professionals & skilled man power
  • Identify new export destination as well as network in India
  • Brand building among industry & end users
  • A platform to launch or display new products
  • Expand your Industry network
  • Help in achieving your business objectives
  • Educate and inspire your workforce
  • Explore new business and investment opportunities for you
Benefit your brand and business by participating at Paperex South India. Make sure you book your exhibition space today and secure your participation at this premier event!

Paperex South India 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Paper & Paper Products:

  • Writing & Printing Paper
  • Specialty Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Newsprint Paper
  • Paper Board
  • Paper Products
  • Paper Traders
  • Handmade Paper, Products
  • Non-woven products
  • Tissue Paper & Products

Machinery Equipment & Accessories:

  • Complete Paper Mill Machinery
  • Pumps, Valves & Systems
  • Bearing & Accessories
  • Knives, Blades & Holders
  • Automation & Instrumentation
  • Boilers & Turbines
  • Chemical recovery Plant & equipment
  • Converting Machinery
  • Dewatering Elements
  • Industrial Gears
  • Rolls & Rollers
  • Machinery, Spares & Accessories
  • Paper Machine Clothing
  • Pollution Control Equipment & System
  • Quality Control Equipment & System
  • Stock Preparation Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Transport & Material Handling
  • Used Paper Machinery & Equipment
  • Tissue Machinery

Raw Materials:

  • Waste Paper
  • Pulp & Fibre
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Starch And Enzyme
  • Minerals & Pigments
  • Other Raw Material

Paper Packaging:

  • Packaging Machinery
  • Packaging Materials
  • Corrugated Box Making Machinery
  • Corrugating line, equipment and components
  • Folding Carton Processing Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Adhesives
  • Post-printing processing equipment
  • Pallet strapping and handling systems
  • Paper Cups Manufacturing Equipment
  • Paper Bag Manufacturing Equipment
  • Wrapping and Packaging machines

Paper Printing:

  • Printing Machinery & Equipment
  • Innovative Printing Technology & Services
  • Knives, Blades & Holders
  • Rollers
  • Automation & Instrumentation
  • Quality Control Equipment
  • Prepress Equipment and Software
  • Print finishing and binding equipment
  • Lamination Machines
  • Paper, Film, Foil, Inks
  • Other Consumables

Business Value Addition:

  • Finance & Investment
  • Publicity & Branding
  • Research & Development
  • Skilled Manpower
  • Others

Technology & Services:

  • Consultants, Consulting Engineering
  • De-Inking recycled fiber technology
  • Heat Recovery System
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Recycled Fiber Technology
  • Waste Water treatment & Waste Management
  • Green Field Projects

Paperex South India 2022: Visitors Profile

There are many ways of communicating product and supplier information, but exhibitions allow you to put a supplier’s claims comprehensively to the test by examining the products for yourself and comparing and contrasting their performance.

Visiting Paperex South India 2022 is the simplest way to find out the latest developments on the market, find out what your competitors are doing and receive first-hand information about the international business platform regarding:

  • Paper Mill Owners, Managers & Supervisor
  • Paper Merchants, Traders
  • Printer, Publisher
  • Paper Importer & Exporters
  • Paper Converter
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers
  • Paper Technologist
  • Manufacturers or Suppliers of Machinery & Spares
  • Investors & Promoters
  • Financial Seekers
  • Technology Seekers
  • Key Government Officials
  • Industry Association & Academicians
  • End Product Users
  • Buyers & Sourcing Personnel
  • Personnel of Core and Allied
  • Industries
  • R&D Professionals
  • CEO’s & Decisions Makers from Allied Industry
  • Consultants
  • Agents
  • Others

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