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International Fair Of Bogota: Colombia Industrial Exhibition

International Fair Of Bogota 2022: Colombia Industrial Expo

Event Name: International Fair Of Bogota (Feria Internacional Industrial de Bogota)
Category: Industrial Goods

Event Date: 26 – 30 September, 2022
Frequency: Biennial
Location: Corferias – Centro de Convenciones, Bogota, Colombia
Organizer: CORFERIAS – Carrera 37 No. 24-67, Bogota, Colombia
Phone: 57-1-3810000 / 3445138
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Feria Internacional Industrial de Bogota

The International Fair Of Bogota 2022 – industrial exhibition, is protagonist of the economic drive of Colombia, the region of the Latin-American pacific alliance, Central America and the Caribbean.

International Fair Of Bogota 2022 is the main scenario for showcasing machinery, equipment, cutting edge technology and advances, supplies, construction machinery, capital and intermediate goods, raw material, components and services to a wide market eager for development and industrial growth.

CORFERIAS guarantees to its exhibitors the assistance of a highly qualified professional visitor for various areas of the industry, seeking to generate a platform of both national and international business industrial contacts, to encourage commercial and technological exchange as well as boost investment, competitiveness and entrepreneurship in a global industry.

International Fair Of Bogota 2022: Goal

To become the ideal business and promotion network of the industrial sector in Colombia, the region of the Latin-American pacific alliance, Central America and the Caribbean, a benchmark event for growth and projection of the region in the world, where nearly 600 expected exhibitors will be able to close deals, exchange knowledge and be updated in the latest developments of the industry when reaching over 50,000 expected professional visitors.

International Fair Of Bogota 2022: Exhibitors Profile

Both national and international companies engaged in manufacture, commercialization and distribution of supplies, raw material and its components, machinery, industrial equipment, tools and capital goods.

Participating Categories:

  • Metalworking – Siderurgy and industrial hardware
  • Wood Industry
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Textil machinery and clothing
  • Agribusiness
  • IT, automation and business telecom
  • Energy
  • Plastics, rubber, petrochemistry
  • Air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation
  • Electrical equipment and wire

International Fair Of Bogota 2022: Products Profile

  • Industrial Machinery, equipment and tools
    Forging, Fasteners, Hardware, Automotive Industry, auto Parts & Components, Auto rickshaw, Bicycle, Power Tools & Hand tools, Garden Tools, Pumps, compressors, faucets and valves, Bearings, gears, gear trains and, transmission parts, Dumpers, Metal packaging, Lifting and Handling Equipment, Welding equipment, Hydraulic equipment, Heating, Distilling, Industrial Furnaces and Burners, Textile Machinery, Mixers, Skid steer loaders, Motor, Graders, Engines and turbines, Backhoes, Saws and choppers, Drills, Lathes and milling, machines, Tractors and trailers, Crushers, Vibrators, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Systems
  • Plastic, Petrochemical and Packaging
    Petrochemicals and Related: Machinery and Equipment, Robotics, Fittings, Tools, Moulds, Raw Materials and Input, End-products, Semi manufactured products, Services and Publications, Packaging Machinery and Equipment, Raw Material and Input, and Suppliers of all types of Packaging and Shipment Packaging
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
    Construction machinery and equipment, Construction materials, Safety at work, Debris transport
  • Energy
    Electrical accessories, Alternative energy (GENERATION), Energy Generation equipment, Transmission and Electrical management, Maintenance and supplies, Spare parts, Generators, Distributors and transmitters, Machinery and equipment for energy use and management, Industrial safety
  • Wire & Tubes
    Electrical cables, Construction industry wires, Industrial process wires, Material, special wires and cables, Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, Tubes and valves for the construction of public works, Tubes and valves for civil construction, Tubes and valves for oil and gas transportation, Tubes with seams and seamless in carbon steel, Alloy, cast iron, stainless steel Pumps and Motor pumps, Mechanical seals

International Fair Of Bogota 2022: Benefits for exhibitors

As an exhibitor you will:

  • Be part of the most important specialized business platform in the region that gathers different industries in order to promote your company in an International level showcase.
  • Identify potential clients and complementary services related to your products or services.
  • Find in one place all related to your direct and indirect market, competence and contacts interested in your products or services
  • Participate in academic agenda within the framework of the International Industrial Trade Fair of Bogota 2022.
  • Generate brand recognition, visibility and positioning amongst the different participating sectors and over 50,000 attendees expected.

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