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AUTOMATICON Warsaw: Poland Industrial Automation Fair

AUTOMATICON Warsaw 2022: Poland Industrial Automation Fair

Event Name: AUTOMATICON Warsaw
Category: Industrial Goods
Event Date: 26 – 28 January, 2022
Location: EXPO XXI WARSZAWA – Pradzynskiego 12/14 01-222 Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów PIAP – Al. Jerozolimskie 202 02-486 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 874 02 30 / 22 874 01 50
Timings: 10:0 AM to 18:00 PM
Tickets: Free

International trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics.

AUTOMATICON Warsaw is the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland. This event showcases products, software, components and measuring devices, as well as the most attractive for many complete applications.

26th edition of AUTOMATICON WARSAW will be held on 26 – 28 January, 2022.

Pandemic once again forces us to change plans. This year’s edition of AUTOMATICON Warsaw International Trade Fair for Automation and Measurements cannot be held in the form that we had planned. The current epidemiological situation concerning COVID-19 is so serious that it does not allow to prepare and organize the fair. For these reasons, we have rescheduled the event for January 26 – 28, 2022. We hope that on the new date it will be possible to organize the fair without major restrictions and with the expected turnout. We will inform you about the details soon.

Meeting the challenges faced by the Polish companies during the pandemic requires concerted effort which will help the Polish economy to recover from the crisis. Therefore we support the decision to combine as many as three fairs into one event, the most important for the industry. The next edition of AUTOMATICON Warsaw International Trade Fair for Automation and Measurements will be held at the same time and place as ELEKTROTECHNIKA International Fair of Electrical Equipment and Safety Systems and SWIATLO INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW POLAND of Lighting Equipment Holding the three events simultaneously in the EXPO XXI Trade Fair Centre will open up new opportunities for exhibitors and visitors alike.

AUTOMATICON Warsaw: Commodity Groups


  • Components of industrial process control systems
  • Process monitoring systems
  • Industrial network communication systems
  • Industrial alarm devices
  • Measurement sensors and transducers
  • Instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Video systems
  • Actuating components
  • Other elements and components


  • Analog and digital control systems for industrial processes
  • Automation systems design
  • Systems (deliveries) picking and packing
  • Installation and start-up of automation systems


  • Industrial robots
  • Software for industrial robots
  • Devices for robotized workstations
  • Components
  • Design and construction of robotized workstations, sockets and process lines
  • Work safety assurance systems


  • Electric drives
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Hydraulic drives
  • Drive control systems


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Mining and shipbuilding industry
  • Other


  • Shut-off valves
  • Flaps and dampers
  • Control valves
  • Direct acting controllers
  • Safety valves
  • Drain and vent valves
  • Other


  • Filters, settlers, traps
  • Reducers and measuring orifices
  • Position transmitters, positioners, tank level gauges, etc.
  • Mounting fittings for pipelines, flanges, nozzles, packing and gaskets etc.
  • Pipeline expansion joints
  • Other


  • Power electronics
  • Components
  • Services
  • Other


  • 3D printing and 3D scanning
  • Quality control
  • CAD / CAM / CAE systems
  • Virtual reality
  • Accessories, materials, components for 3D technologies
  • Laboratory Measurement Instrumentation For Industrial, Scientific And Teaching Purposes
  • Components For Hydraulics And Pneumatic
  • Tools, Devices And Instrumentation For Installation And Servicing Automation Systems And Equipment
  • Tools, Devices And Instrumentation For Installation And Servicing Pumps, Valving And Industrial Pipelines
  • Design, Design Software, Consulting Services And Others
  • Press

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