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Bangladesh 3P International Expo: ICCB, Dhaka

Bangladesh 3P International Expo 2022: ICCB, Dhaka

Event Name: Bangladesh 3P International Expo
Category: Building Construction

Event Date: 08 – 10 September, 2022
Location: International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), DhakaBangladesh
Organizer: Futurex Trade Fair & Events Pvt. Ltd. – E-52, 1st Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019 India
Phone: +91 9810 855697
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Tickets: –

The Branded Exhibition on Paper, Pulp, Printing, Packaging & Allied Industries

Bangladesh 3P International Expo 2022: About

Keeping in concern the vast growth of Bangladesh Paper, Printing & Packaging Industry, Futurex Trade Fair & Events Pvt. Ltd. and Printing & Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (中国印刷设备工业协会) are jointly organizing Bangladesh 3P International Expo 2022, from 08 – 10 September, 2022 at International Convention City Bashundhara – ICCB, Dhaka – Bangladesh. Paper, Pulp, Printing, Packaging & Allied Industries Machinery, Technology & Service providers from Home & Abroad will participate at this mega exhibition. Bangladesh 3P International Expo 2022 have 2 concurrent expos named as Bangladesh Int’l Printing, Packaging & Signage Expo and Bangladesh Int’l Tissue Expo. These exhibitions are focusing participants from entire Asia, Europe & USA.

After readymade garments (RMG) and leather industry, this sector is playing a vital role in our national economy. Private paper mills are producing export-oriented paper products. Bangladesh earned USD$ 75.76 million from exporting Paper & Paper Products in FY 2017-18. These paper industries in Bangladesh are utilized to import pulps out of foreign nations. There are about 100 private paper mills in the country, with production capacity of 1.5 million (15 lakh) metric tons a year on an average. There is a gigantic demand of virgin fibers. Hence, it is needed to set up various paper mills in Bangladesh in order to meet the demand. Bangladesh needs quality machinery, equipment & technology at best Price. This expo will help Foreign & Local Manufacturer, Dealers & Suppliers to Showcase their products, where Bangladesh Industry Leaders & Factory owners can get in touch with them.

The paper and board utilization per individual within Bangladesh from the Bangladesh paper industry is about 3.5 – 4 kg where inside the evolved countries, such is more than 300 kg and the universal mean is roughly 50 kg where within the meantime, the mean with respect towards Asia is pretty much 30 kg. So the industry will obviously need quality Machineries & Auxiliaries time to time.

In Bangladesh, there are more than 7500 printing press among of them 3,000 in Dhaka. Bangladesh export Printing product to countries like USA, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Almost 2000 printing houses are capable of competing with foreign printing houses. The current market size of the printing industry is over 3000 crores and out of which 156 crores is export oriented. More than 0.4 million people are engaged in this sector. On the other hand, Another growing sector in Bangladesh is All Over Printing (AOP).

Industry Strength:

  • Bangladesh is the 53rd Largest Importer of paper in the world, Worth USD $669.4 million in 2017
  • There are about sot private paper mills in the country, with production capacity of 1.5 million (15 lakh) metric tons a year on an average
  • Bangladesh mainly import all sorts of packaging papers for readymade garments, food items, medicines and other consumer products, mostly from Japan, (South) Korea, China, Indonesia and India, and some from America (USA) and European countries. The total amount of imports was lo Iakh (r million) metric tons in 2o17, and it is increasing this year
  • The Industry, which is churning out around 1.5 million tonnes of paper a year, has generated to million direct and Indirect employments.
  • Bangladesh Imports Printing machine of USD$ 183.5 million

Exhibitors Profile:

1. Prepress and Premedia

1.1 Publishing software
1.2 Software for packaging prepress
1.3 Workflow and data handling software
1.4 Software for multimedia
1.5 Encoding and identification software and equipment
1.6 Input and output devices
1.7 Equipment & systems for printing forme production
1.8 Proofing equipment
1.9 Color management system
1.10 Anti-counterfeit design and software

2. Printing Equipment

2.1 Sheet-fed offset printing machines
2.2 Web-fed offset printing machines
2.3 Hybrid printing machines (combination of methods)
2.4 Peripheral & support equipment
2.5 Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
2.6 Flexographic printing machines
2.7 Gravure printing machines
2.8 Label printing machines
2.9 Screen printing equipment
2.10 Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
2.11 Advertising inkjet printing equipment

3. Binding and Paper Converting Equipment

3.1 Folding machines
3.2 Book sewing machines
3.3 Saddle stitching machines
3.4 Perfect binding machines
3.5 Hard cover binding equipment
3.6 Paper converting equipment

4. Packaging Processing Equipment

4.1 Folding box processing equipment
4.1.1 Paper cutting machine
4.1.2 Die-cutting machine
4.1.3 Folder gluer
4.1.4 Laminating machine
4.1.5 Laser cutting machine
4.1.6 Window patching machine
4.1.7 Paper surface treatment equipment
4.1.8 Die-cutting and waste-removing equipment
4.1.9 Encoding and identification system

4.2 Hard box processing equipment
4.2.1 Gluing machine
4.2.2 Slotting machine
4.2.3 Cover making machine
4.2.4 Auto paper box production line
4.2.5 Auto paper cup production line
4.2.6 Printing forme processing equipment

4.3. Plastic box processing equipment
4.3.1 Leveling slicer
4.3.2 Plastic box folding & gluing machine
4.3.3 Heatronic sealer

4.4 Paper bag processing equipment
4.4.1 Paper bag forming machine
4.4.2 Bottom gluing machine
4.4.3 Rope braiding machine
4.4.4 Bag handle making machine

4.5 Other processing equipment

5. Corrugated Carton Processing Equipment

5.1 Corrugating machine
5.2 Double facer
5.3 Slitter
5.4 Creasing machine
5.5 Slotting machine
5.6 Carton gluing machine
5.7 Stitcher
5.8 Glue making machine

6. Paper and Substrates

6.1 Web
6.2 Sheet paper
6.3 Paperboard
6.4 Paper and paperboard for special applications
6.5 Films
6.6 Other substrates

7. Inks and Consumables

7.1 Offset printing inks
7.2 Flexographic printing inks
7.3 Gravure printing inks
7.4 Screen printing inks
7.5 Special printing inks
7.6 Toners and inks
7.7 Printing plates
7.8 Printing blanket
7.9 Laminated film
7.10 Anti-setoff spray powder
7.11 Dampening solution additives & printing aids
7.12 Washing agents and maintenance products
7.13 Coatings/varnishes
7.14 Bookbinding materials
7.15 Foils
7.16 Frame mounting material
7.17 Embossing and laminating materials
7.18 Photographic materials
7.19 Adhesives
7.20 Chemicals
7.21 Template cutter
7.22 Rubber roller
7.23 Encoding and identification materials
7.24 Conveyors and industrial belts

8. Environmental Engineering Equipment

8.1 Environmental control system
8.2 Wastewater recovery and treatment equipment
8.3 Waste gas recovery and treatment equipment
8.4 Solid wastes treatment equipment
8.5 Sound insulating and reducing technology and equipment
8.6 Energy saving and consumption reducing technology and equipment
8.7 Environmental protection equipment & consumables
8.8 Tools and equipment for environmental monitoring

9. Components and Infrastructure

9.1 Network Systems
9.2 Workshop climate control system
9.3 Ink color matching system
9.4 Central ink supply system
9.5 Central fountain solution supply system
9.6 Central compressed air supply system
9.7 Conveyor and transportation systems
9.8 Archives management system
9.9 Product testing equipment
9.10 Measuring and testing tools
9.11 Knives & grinding machines
9.12 Equipment spare parts, wearing parts, lubricating oil and tools

10. Services

10.1 Pattern design and package structure design software
10.2 Reference books on printing pattern and package structure
10.3 Trade and technical literature , technical dictionaries
10.4 Consulting services
10.5  ERP management software
10.6 Enterprise training
10.7 Data processing services
10.8 Printing service provider
10.9 Printing forme provider
10.10 Image archives and image data bases
10.11 E-commerce for the printing industry
10.12 Financial services & insurance services
10.13 Research and development
10.14 Postal services provider
10.15 Machine transportation and machine mounting
10.16 Industrial associations and professional organizations
10.17 Certification, testing, standardization services

11. Paper Chemicals

11.1 Modified Starch
11.2 Sizing Agents
11.3 Water-Soluble Polymers
11.4 Functional Chemicals
11.5 Process Chemicals
11.6 Fillers & Pigments
11.7 Coating Binders, Rubber Binders

12. Machinery, Equipment & Accessories

12.1 Advertising inkjet printing equipment
12.2 Automation & Instrumentation
12.3 Bearing & Accessories
12.4 Boilers & Turbines
12.5 Chemical recovery Plant & equipment
12.6 Complete Paper Mill Machinery
12.7 Converting Machinery
12.8 Dewatering Elements
12.9 Flexographic printing machines
12.10 Gravure printing machines
12.11 Hybrid printing machines
12.12 Knives, Blades & Holders
12.13 Machinery, Spares & Accessories
12.14 Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
12.15 Pumps, Valves & Systems
12.16 Quality Control Equipment & System
12.17 Rolls & Rollers
12.18 Sheet-fed offset printing machines
12.19 Tissue Machinery
12.20 Used Paper Machinery & Equipments
12.21 Web-fed offset printing machines
12.22 Hard box processing equipment
12.23 Gluing machine
12.24 Slotting machine
12.25 Cover making machine
12.26 Auto paper box production line
12.27 Auto paper cup production line
12.28 Printing forme processing equipment

Visitors Profile:

Bangladesh 3P International Expo – Paper, Printing & Packaging Expo – looking forward to visitors from entire Bangladesh & Neighboring  countries from different sectors like

  • Advertising and Design Firms, Direct Marketing and PR Agencies
  • Agents, Consultants
  • Buyers & Sourcing Personnel
  • CEO’s & Decisions Makers from Allied Industry
  • Commercial Printing, Newspaper Printing, Label Printing, Business Form, Book Printing
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers
  • Educational Establishments and Professional Bodies
  • End Product Users
  • Government Agencies and Financial Institutions
  • Graphic Arts and Graphic Arts Specialists
  • Industry Association & Academicians
  • Investors & Promoters
  • Key Government Officials
  • Manufacturers or Suppliers of Machinery & Spares
  • Multimedia and Internet Publishers
  • Paper and Envelope Manufacturers
  • Paper Converter, Importer & Exporters
  • Paper Merchants, Traders
  • Paper Mill Owners, Managers & Supervisor
  • Paper Packaging, Flexible Packaging and Corrugated Carton Factory
  • Paper Technologist
  • Personnel of Core and Allied
  • Printer, Publisher
  • R&D Professionals
  • Relevant Trade Associations
  • Repro House, Publishing, Finishing, Paper Converting Companies
  • Retailing and Manufacturing
  • Technology Seekers
  • Trade Publications

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