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R+T Stuttgart: Germany Doors & Windows

R+T Stuttgart 2024: Germany Doors & Windows

Event Name: R+T
Category: Building Construction
Event Date: 19 – 23 February, 2024
Every 3rd year
Location: Messe Stuttgart – Hall 3, Messepiazza 1 Stuttgart 70629 Germany
Organizer: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH – Messepiazza 1, Stuttgart 70629 Germany
Phone: +49 711 18560 0
Email: info (at)
Timings: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Tickets: –

World’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading systems

R+T Stuttgart 2024: About

R+T 2024 is the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors / gates and sun shading systems. All international companies of any standing are represented here. At R+T you will find everything there is in the area of roller shutters, doors / gates and sun shading systems: from exterior Venetian blinds to awning control systems, from fire protection doors and gates to security equipment. But R+T is also the trade fair for innovations, which is impressively demonstrated by the submission of over 110 entries for the Innovation Prize at R+T 2018. Experience high-tech at first hand. Welcome to R+T 2024!

R+T in Stuttgart attracts market leader, technological innovators, trendsetters and suppliers of ideas which make the fair a global hotspot for roller shutters, gates and sun protection. On it new products are presented, concepts born, information exchanged and international business is made. This makes the show a mandatory meeting for all who want to play a role in the industry. With its very international audience, the R+T is a center of global networking.

Key Exhibition Areas:

  • External venetian blinds
    External venetian blinds, Slats, Slat connection systems, Machines for the manufacturing of venetian blinds, Fittings, Components, Privacy systems, Sun shading systems, Blackout blinds, Venetian blind accessories
  • Internal sun protection
    Vertical blinds, Internal venetian blinds, Pleated blinds, Internal roller blinds, Louvres / vanes for vertical blinds, Louvre strip curtains, Surface blinds, Machines for the production of internal sun protection, Accessories
  • Roller shutters and accessories
    Roller shutter systems, Laths, Roller shutters for roof windows, Roller shutters for irregular window shapes, Roller shutters for conservatories, Security roller shutters, Shutter boxes, Front-mounted roller shutters, Built-in roller shutters with window, Top-mounted miniature roller shutters, Roller shutter fittings, Machines for the manufacturing of roller shutters, Roller shutters accessories, Belts, Guide rails, Aluminum profiles extruded, Aluminum edge and roller formed profiles, Sections made of plastic, Sections made of metal, Safety devices and locks, Anti drop device for roller shutters, Insulation and sealing materials, Manual drives, crank handle, Roller shutter window constructions, Swimming pool covers

  • Doors / Gates
    Fire protection doors, Ceiling sliding doors, Hinged door or gate, Folding doors and folding hinged doors, Fire protection curtains, Garage doors, Hangar doors, Hub and countersunk doors, Industrial and commercial doors, Up-and-over doors / overhead doors, Transparent doors, Multi-passing sliding doors, Smoke protection doors, Smoke protection curtains, Rolling doors, Rolling grilles, Lateral running doors, Sound and heat protecting doors, Sliding gates, High-speed doors and gates, Sectional doors, Steel or aluminum door panels, Steel or aluminum door profiles, Plastic door profiles, Gate barriers, Door and gate fittings, Machines for the manufacturing of doors and gates, Door and gate accessories, Door and gate systems, Rolling door leafs, Anti drop device for doors
  • Doors
    Exterior pedestrian doors, Automatic doors, Fire protection pedestrian doors, Revolving doors, Plastic swinging doors, (Flexible) Strip curtains, Smoke protection doors, Security doors, Special-purpose doors, Doors for emergency and evacuation pathways, Door latches and strike plates, Machines to manufacture doors, Door accessories, Plastic door profiles, Light metal door profiles, Door locks, Door frames, Pedestrian door
  • Windows / Window Shutters
    Window systems, Sections, Window fittings, Machines for the manufacturing of windows, Window sills, Window frames, Window accessories, Conservatories, Light couplers, Terrace roofs, Light well covers, Window / wing shutters made of wood, Window / wing shutters made of aluminum, Window / wing shutters made of plastic, Fittings for window shutters, Machines for the manufacturing of window shutters, Window shutters accessories, Sliding panel shutters, Folding slide shutters
  • Awnings
    Various Awning types, Machines for the manufacturing of awnings, Frames, Manual operated drives of awnings, Awning accessories, Insect screens

  • Electrical safety devices
    Light barriers, light grids, Closing edge and trapping protection system, Access control systems, Pedestrian barriers (turn styles), Intrusion detection systems, Fire detection systems, Smoke detection systems, Security systems
  • Technical textiles and textile constructions
    Textiles (awnings, blinds, roller blinds), Tarpaulins, Sunshades, Sun sails, Tents, Carports (textile), Machines for the manufacturing of technical textiles, Sewing thread, Cords, Accessories, Terrace roofs, Swimming pool covers, Mechanical drives
  • Drive and control systems
    Electrical drives, Control systems, BUS systems, Command and signal units, Sensors/light controls for doors, pedestrian doors and similar shutters, Radio remote controls, Centralized controls, Other drive units (e.g. hydraulically, pneumatically), Motors and electrical accessories, Accessories for drives and control systems
  • Grilles and fences
    Grilles, Fittings, Accessories for grilles, Fences, Pergolas and plant climbing aids, Fence gates, Fence doors, Fittings for fences, Accessories for fences, Parking area protection
  • Further exhibition areas
    Plant equipment, Computers, Services, Research and development, Associations, Industry literature / publications

R+T Stuttgart 2024: Highlights

  • Roller shutters and roller shutter accessories
  • Exterior Venetian blinds and gathering blinds
  • Awnings
  • Internal sun shading systems
  • Insect protection
  • Drive and control systems
  • Technical textiles
  • Outdoor
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Grilles and fences
  • Windows and window shutters
  • Electrical security equipment
  • Business fittings and furnishings
  • IT systems (hardware / software)
  • Services
  • Associations and publishing houses

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