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Knit World, Ludhiana, India

2018 Knit World, Ludhiana, India

Category: Fabrics and Textiles
Date: 26 – 29 January, 2018
Frequency: Annual
Venue: Dana Mandi, Bahadur Ke Road
City: Ludhiana
Country: India
Organizer: The Journal’s Publication
Phone: 91-161-2600296
Email: knitworld@knitworldexhibition.com

Knit World, Ludhiana

Visitors - 75%
Exhibitors - 85%
Venue Accessibility - 80%
Media Coverage - 80%



Knit World portrays the knitting industry as whole, stationed under a single roof, an international village of technology, innovation.

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Event Profile

Popularly known as the fair of fairs Knit World international exhibition will be again showcasingin Ludhiana, Punjab. With the passion to bring new technologies in the market, supporting the industry we have always excelled in giving push to the industry. Today Knit World has created a niche in the market of Knitting and Textile genre. All the who’s who of the industry are well aware of Knit World being one of the most professional exhibition in the market. We at Knit World believe in supporting the new entrants by giving them a platform to exhibit simultaneously supporting the older ones.

Thus when the market saw a downfall in the business due to climatic fluctuations and a dip in investment Knit World gave it share by lowering its rates to make it possible for every exhibitor to participate and reap the benefits of the international global market of the Knitting-Textile-Garment Allied machines and accessories. Thus complying with the motto of “ Knitting the world together” The exhibition’s own brand impact and appeal has gained the strong support and participation of local and overseas exhibitors on knitting –Textile-Garment-Allied Machines & Accessories. They will display the top-notch knitting technology and product at the show. The dynamic and segmented Exhibition Floor will present live demonstration of International technology on Knitting- Textile- Garment-Allied Machines & accessories and much more.

Transformation and upgrading is undoubtedly the key way for long-term development during the reshuffle period of the industry. The exhibition will provide a great stage to run through automatic knitting and garment machinery and to showcase the top automatic machinery for textile companies from all over the world under the name of Tex Mach giving the exhibition name as “ Knit World + Tex Mach ” The 4-day exhibition attracts 500 knitting, textile and automatic garment machinery exhibitors from more than 20 countries, which occupies over 12,000 sq. mtrs of exhibiting area. The participating countries include Germany / Japan / UK / USA / Canada / Italy / Spain / Netherlands / Greece / Turkey / Portugal / China /Taiwan / Israel / Hong Kong / Korea / Singapore / India .Knit World is expected to receive visitors and delegation of bigger names of the industry from local and overseas to visit the exhibition.

Knit World portrays the knitting industry as whole, stationed under a single roof, an international village of technology, innovation, equipment of the industry to aid the industry at large. The show aims to provide better skills and know-how of the industry to the local labors and how the efficiency and the productivity of the higher standards could be achieved. Stringent brand standards, a clear concept and a comprehensive range of services make the work of exhibitors and visitors alike both efficient and enjoyable.

Visitor Profile

Visitors Like Manufacturer, Suppliers, Traders, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Key Decision Makers And Much More.

Exhibitor Profile


Circular Knitting, Flat Knitting, Multi Head Computerized Embroidery, Industrial Sewing, Dyeing, Finishing, Processing, Steam Presses, Tumbler Dryers, Dry-cleaning, Linking, Multi color Transfer/ Screen Printing, Raising, Brushing, Anti pilling, Fusing, Lace and Crochet Knitting Machines, Designing Units, CAD/CAMS, Software, Compressors, Yarn Splices, Boilers, Electric Motors, Testing Equipment, Electronic Scales, Yarns, Threads, Buttons, Labels, Fabrics, Tapes, Ribbons, Dyes, Chemicals, Linings, Interlinings, Gensets, Inverters, Panels, Trade Magazines, Fashion Journals, etc.


Raschel, Shulzer, Wrap Knitting Machine, Loom, Winder, Double Needle Bar, Processing Machine, Stenter Machine, Spining Machine, Technical Textile Machine, Quality Control, Pollution Control, Textile Wrap Beams, Ball Wrapping, Fiber-Making, Non-Woven Fabrics, Textile Testing , High-speed Carding Top Making Machine, Artificial Fur Card, High-Yielding Card.

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