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Updated On: 2/8/2012

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Organised By:

International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)

Type of Event:



Business Services

Event On:

May 23, 2012 - May 24, 2012




Tokyo, [Japan]


The 6th Annual Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress is a must-attend event for the hedge funds community. With a six year track record of bringing together leading personalities - key institutional investors, top fund managers and rising stars, it is the key deal-making marketplace for Japan.

Hedge Fund Investment Japan 2012 will deliver brand new content, focusing on the most pressing issues on the minds of fund managers, and Japanese and global investors.

Find out:
• How do fund managers attract capital and deliver returns in markets that appear irrational?
• How can investors better suppress portfolio volatility?
• Where are the best investment opportunities?

Apart these issues, Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress 2012 attendees can look forward to an enriching programme providing you with a comprehensive overview of the hedge fund market in Japan and beyond. A range of key stakeholders will share their insights to help you navigate the current environment.

These include:
• Leading fund managers: Perspectives on successful investment strategies that suppress volatility
• Investors: Outlook on investing in the current climate and what they are looking for in the new investment era
• Key experts and thought leaders: Updates on Japan's best investment opportunities and the macroeconomic outlook
• Emerging managers: Discussion on how they are generating alpha with innovative strategies and how they are raising capital
• Regulators: View on investing in the new regulatory and economic paradigm


Investment Opportunities, Macroeconomic Outlook, Hedge Fund Market


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