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Dronathon Dehradun: India Drone Fest

Dronathon Dehradun 2019: India Drone Fest

Category: Computer and IT
Date: 26 – 27 February, 2019
Location: ITDA – Government of Uttarakhand, DARC ITDA Plot No.7, IT Park, Shastradhara Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Organizer: Government of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Phone: 06397697345 / 0135-6671503 / 8433113188
Timings: 09:00 – 17:00

DARC Proudly Announces The Mega
All India Drone Festival 2019

Dronathon Dehradun 2019: Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drones are pilot-less and non-crewed aircraft flown either by remote control or through the use of on-board computers. Drones have made their role prominent in search and rescue operations, mapping and surveying, civil applications, such as policing, fire fighting, climate forecasting, photography etc. With the ability to reach inaccessible places which are either dangerous or costly, drones have enabled humans to do much more than possible thoughts.

The popularity and demand for drones is so speedily rising and also the need for specialized drone application development that a study, predicts the emerging global market for business services using drones will be over $127B. As more companies & Government Departments are looking to capitalize on the commercial opportunities and investment in this space. Drones are likely to find a niche in any commercial activity that operates over a wide area.

The process can be largely automated, is highly reliable and is an order of magnitude faster than the current state of the art.The likely benefits will include improved safety (both by replacing humans with robots in hazardous environments, and through improved monitoring and inspection, better inventory and facilities management, far better business intelligence as Big Data gains another suite of inputs, and cost savings across the board.

Dronathon Dehradun 2019: Drone Festival

The DARC-Drone Application Research Centre is now the voice and need for UAV Training, Research, Skill Building, Disaster management, Forestry, Mining, Citizen Specific services for Government of Uttarakhand.

  • All India Drone Festival 2019 is conducted in collaboration with DARC, Petroleum University, State of Uttarakhand.
  • It would promote interests in governments, Industries, Startups, Investments, Skill Building, Students, Innovation and Job Opportunities.
  • It will help improve the quality, thought process within the institutions, student communities, Government Departments and profitability of manufacturers and service providers.
  • It will encourages technology innovation, data analytics using Artificial Intelligence.
  • It would help to create awareness & build a safer, scalable, sustainable flying environment in India.
  • Bringing the entire UAV technology under one roof to enable rapid innovation, faster growth and global outreach.
  • It will create awareness and help in creating a connect between the industry, policy makers / regulators to ensure safe skies and exponential technology adoption.
  • It will help in generating latest Industry updates & trends.
  • Government of Uttarakhand’s Commitment to create a UAV research and training HUB.

Dronathon Dehradun 2019: DARC Vision & Objectives

DARC – Drone Application and Research Centre was started in collaboration with NTRO-National Technical Research Organization on 9th July 2018 in ITDA – Government of Uttarakhand premises. Its first of its kind Drone Training center in India.

Its vision is to be a place where experts in drone technology and the industrial applications of drones can share their knowledge and skills with the Government Departments and outside world. Its sole objective is to help government officials, on field officers, individuals and organizations understand the revolutionary benefits of drone (UAV) technology, and gain the skills to implement drone (UAV) technology safely and effectively in their workplaces and wider enterprises.

DARC will also help you leverage on opportunities to deliver technology development and investment outcomes / opportunities for the benefit of all stakeholders and the broader user community. DARC will render help / assist the users to make informed decisions about drone (UAV) challenges and thus lead to the cost effective management of drone integration and adoption, and the management of related business risks.

Before imparting real life on ground Drone flying training in the helipad, a complete flying training is given in lab using flight simulator it gives the ability to create an environment specific to a pilot’s needs thus allowing great customization for training drone pilots in both their environment and the type of drone used for the training. As a part of curriculum emphasis in image processing techniques / methodologies helps the users to understand the benefits of image capturing using Drones.

Dronathon Dehradun 2019: Benefits of Drones

  • Emergency Response & Disaster Management
  • Pipeline Monitoring / Patrolling
  • Citizen Specific Services
  • Urban Planning
  • Forestry & Conservation of endangered spices
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Airdrop of life saving medicines / drugs
  • Aerial Blood Bank
  • Surveillance Activities
  • Aerial Photography & Survey
  • Forest Theft & Forest Protection
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications & Internet Provisioning
  • Border & Intruder Patrolling
  • Image Capturing & Recognition

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