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Meghna International


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Meghna International, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality stringed musical instrument parts such as pegs, chinrests, tailpieces, endpins, fingerboards, mutes, nuts & saddles, tail guards. They meet the requirements of Violins, Violas and Cellos. We manufacture carved pegs and tail pieces too for the above stringed instruments. Besides, we are dealing in the best quality east-Indian rosewood guitar parts such as rosewood back & sides, rosewood neck pieces, rosewood heel blocks and ebony head plates, ebony bridge-blanks, ebony fingerboards- all available in blanks. Our company was established in the year 1998, at Kolkatta, India, by an efficient entrepreneur Mr. Partha Pratim chaudhury, under whose guidance the company has flourished. Today, we are leading makers and wholesalers of various models of Chin rests,tail pieces, end pins, finger boards, mutes, nuts & saddles. We manufacture our products from finest quality wood such as ebony, rosewood and boxwood. Grounded in the belief that old is gold, we are still using old sharpened tools to manufacture our products. With the help of tools and the efforts of our well trained craftsmen ,we are touching new heights in both the domestic and international markets.

Products We Offer

We offer an impeccable range of exclusive products that are used in violins and other musical instruments. We are also renowned for supplying high quality guitar parts. Our product range includes:

• Violin, Viola, Cello Pegs
• Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Tail pieces
• Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Endpins
• Ebony Chin rests
• Rosewood Chin rests
• Boxwood Chin rests
• Ebony Fingerboards
• Carved Pegs and Carved Tail pieces
• Pegs, Inlaid Tail pieces and Inlaid Endpins
• Push Adjustable Tail pieces
• Nuts & Saddles / Mutes / String Adjusters / Tail guts
• Peg Shapers, Chin rest Keys, Violin Shoulder Rest
• Violin, Viola, Cello Sets
• Guitar Parts in Blanks
• Guitar Picks and Guitar Bridge


Our high quality standards and reasonable prices assist us in meeting the demands of the global markets. The fine quality of our products has helped us in gaining a huge clientele which has increased our confidence.

Our major volume of the products are being exported to the countries like US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere on a regular basis.

Why Us

The salient features that distinguishes us from the rest are:

• Wide product range
• International quality of products
• Competitive rates
• Strict adherence to delivery schedule
• A talented pool of professionals & experts handling the production process
• Spacious warehouse to stock finished products

Quality Standards

At Meghna international, we pay prime importance to the quality, durability and finish features of our products. In order to provide full satisfaction to our clients, we are always busy in creating something new and have never compromised on the basis of quality.

Backed by an efficient team and knowledgeable QC department, we manufacture the best quality products. In order to maintain the standard quality of our products, monitoring is done after every step of production process.

Packaging And Delivery:

We understand the importance of packaging and in order to ensure safety of the musical accessories, we pack them in poly bags and then into corrugated boxes. Besides, our well established distribution network enables us to deliver the goods at the required destination and within the stipulated time frame.

Apart from these, we also have capacious warehouse, which helps in the bulk storage of our products and ensuring the faster delivery of the consignment.


With the help of our hi-tech machinery, we are able to cater to the demands of both domestic as well as international clients. We have a team of experts involved in research and development process who always keep us informed about the latest developments in the respective field.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit enables us to craft and design good quality musical accessories. We also have the capability of manufacturing customised products. Our team of craftsmen can replicate the products by seeing the photographs or as per the specifications given by the clients.

Manufacture Products

We manufacture our products using fine tone woods that are naturally dried in the open air thus ensuring that the wood is moisture free. This drying process helps in minimizing the cracking and deformation of the wood. Right from the selection of the wood till the end of the manufacturing process, the effective use of man and machine help us to maintain the standard quality in our products.

Violin Accessories

We are one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing & exporting of a wide range of Violin Accessories for the violin family. Our work processes are backed by new generation technology and efficient team of workmen, who assist us in bringing out finer quality in our end products.

Violin, Viola, Cello Pegs

We design and manufacture a wide range of violins, violas and cello pegs that are carved from high quality wood. These parts of musical instruments are offered in different sizes depending upon the choice of the clients. Offered in different models, these products are widely demanded by our clients across the globe.

• Violin Swiss Pegs
• Violin Hill Pegs
• Violin Heart Pegs
• Violin Mircuit Pegs
• Viola French Pegs

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Tailpieces

Avail from us, our wide range of violin, viola, cello, bass tail pieces are offered in different designs. These products are offered available in different finish and are carved using premium quality wood. These products are also available in different dimensions as per the clients' specifications.

• Violin Round Tailpieces
• Violin Hill Tailpieces
• Viola Round Tailpieces
• Cello Round Tailpiece
• Cello Hill Tailpices

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Endpins

We have for our clients a wide range of violin, viola, cello, bass endpins. These products are well designed and polished to give them an attractive appeal. Our skilled artisans have designed these violin, viola, cello, bass endpins to offer maximum satisfaction to our clients worldwide.

• Violin Hill Endpin
• Violin Ribbed Endpin
• Violin Ribbed Endpins
• Violin Plain Endpins
• Cello Endpins

Chinrests - Ebonywood

Our range of ebony chinrests is offered in different designs and shapes. These products are well finished in various shapes and designs to match the varied requirements of clients worldwide.

• Guarneri Std. Chinrest
• Guarneri Hill Chinrest
• Varga Std.Chinrest
• Kaufman Std.Chinrest
• Teka Std.Chinrest

Chinrests - Rosewood

Designed and carved using high quality wood, these rosewood chinrests are available in different shapes and sizes. These products are durable in quality and hence have been widely appreciated by our clients in the national as well as international arena.

• Guarneri Std. Chinrest
• Guarneri Hill Chinrest
• Kaufman Std.Chinrest
• Varga Std.Chinrest
• Flat Flesch Std.Chinrest

Chinrests - Boxwood

Made using high quality wood, these chinrests are offered known for their durability and finish. These boxwood chinrests are offered in different dimensions and are well polished to give them a longer working life.

• Guarneri Hill Chinrest
• Old Teka Std.Chinrest
• Kriesler Hill Std. ...
• Dresden Hill Chinrest
• Saka Std.Chinrest

Violin Chinrests - Tamarind / Snakewood

We have for our clients a wide range of guitar picks and guitar bridges. Made using best quality wood, these products assure the clients of better durability and longer working life. These musical instrument parts are superior in design and polished. These musical accessories have created a wider market for themselves in the national as well as international market.

• Violin Chinrest

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Fingerboards

We manufacture an extensive range of ebony fingerboards that can also be customized as per the clients requirements. These products are sure to be noticed for their finish and sizes. Our range of ebony fingerboards are also durable in quality.

• Violin Fingerboard
• Viola Fingerboard
• Cello Round Fingerboard
• Cello Hill Fingerboard
• Bass Round Fingerboard

Carved Pegs and Carved Tailpieces

Manufactured using fine tone wood, our carved pegs and carved tailpieces are world renowned for their assured durability and longer working life. These products are cut, finished and polished to offer them in various sizes and designs carved on them.

• Violin Carved Pegs
• Viola Carved Hill ...
• Carved Viola Tailpiece
• Carved Bass Round ...

Inlaid Pegs, Tailpieces, Endpins

Our skilled artisans have carved our array of inlaid pegs, inlaid tailpieces and inlaid endpins in different finish to match with the instruments. These parts are made at our manufacturing unit using premium quality wood.

• Violin French Pegs
• Violin Swiss Pegs
• Violin Round Tailpieces
• Violin French Tailpiece
• Violin Flat Endpin

UAD / Baroque Pegs

Our collection of UAD Pegs and Violin Baroque Pegs are made using high raw materials. Manufactured by advanced technology and using latest tools and equipment, these products are designed in different shapes to suit the needs of the clients.

• UAD Pegs
• Viola Baroque Pegs

Push Adjustable Tailpieces

Displaying our mastery in making instrument parts, our collection of push adjustable tail pieces are designed so that they stand high on durability and aesthetics. These products are available in different sizes so as to match the specifications of our clients across the globe.

• Cello Tailpiece
• Violin Tailpieces

Violin, Viola Sets in Ebony / Rose / Boxwood

We bring for our clients an extensive range of various sets of violin, viola and cello sets. These products are known for their exquisite shapes and designs. Well finished and polished, these violin, viola and cello sets are known for durability and longer working life.

• Violin Set
• Viola Set

Violin Sets in Tamarind / Snakewood

We design and manufacture a wide range of nuts & saddles/ mutes/ string adjusters/ tailguts are available in different sizes. Our products are used by various renowned musicians and music learners across the globe.

• Violin Sets

Guitar Parts in Blanks

Our range of guitar parts in blanks are manufactured using high quality wood. These parts are offered in different designs and shapes. The wood used in making these parts are naturally dried that helps in minimizing the crack. These parts are well polished to make them look attractive.

• Rosewood Backs
• Rosewood Sides
• Rosewood Fretboard
• Ebony Fretboard

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