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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Netel India Limited

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Business Services

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Environment and Process Instrumentation, Waste Water, Environment Management Services, Renewable Energy Sources


Netel India Limited


S. V. Road, Manpada


Thane, Maharashtra [India]


022 32560291




Netel provides its customers with proven solutions, blending traditional engineering skills with relevant and cutting edge technologies.

Netel has four Strategic Business Units:

• Environment and Process Instrumentation

• Water, Waste Water & 3R Projects

• Environment Management Services

• Renewable Energy Sources

Netel's core competency revolves around an extensive design and engineering framework and its In-house Research & Development has been approved by Government of India Department of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environment & Forests, for the past three decades.

A strong focus on application engineering in the field of Instrumentation.

Netel's staunch commitment to Quality, analytical and solution oriented approach cost effectiveness and consistency in its services, has helped it gain an enviable reputation.

Strong all India Service Network.

Environment & Process Instrumentation

NETEL provides customized Solutions and instrumentation to meet specific Applications in the following Areas.

• Microprocessor based Modular Gas Chromatographs with accessories (Gas Sampling Valve, Methanizer, Head space sampler,Auto liquid samplers, Etc.)

• High pressure liquid cinematographs

• Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer with flame & graphite along with accessories

• Laboratory Gas Generators & Gas Purification Systems (For H2, N2, Zero, Air TOC etc)

• Online Ambient Air quality Analyzers & systems (SO2, NO, NO2, NOX, CO, O3, NH3,

• Continuous Emission analyzers and systems SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O2, H2S, Dust etc)

• Systems for Vehicular Emission Monitoring (CO, HC, O2, CO2, NOX & Opacity)

• Online Particulate Measurement from Ambient, Stack, Vehicular Exhaust (TSP, PM10, PM 2.5 PM 1 and Ultra ? Fine)

• Online-Hydrocarbons and VOC Monitoring Analysis form Ambient and stack

• Analyzers for process applications

• Water quality monitors

• Combustion efficiency monitors

• Occupational Health, Safety and work Area Monitoring

Environment Management Systems (EMS)

The activities under taken by Environment Management Services (EMS) :

Environmental Monitoring:

• Stack / Ambient Air Monitoring
• Water / Waste water Testing
• Solid / Hazardous Waste Analysis
• Workplace Monitoring
• Noise Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessment:

• EIA for the project sites involving Air, Water, Land and Biological evaluation integrated with socio-economic aspects.
• Environmental Audit
• Baseline Data Collection for EIA

Water, Waster Water & 3R Projects

Waste Water Treatment division is one of the arms of NETEL (India) Limited, which is a part of Neterwala Group of Companies. Neterwala Group is a professionally managed group, with over 4 decades of steadfast growth.

Waste Water Division is basically an Engineering Unit supplying broad range of niche products, for wide spectrum of Industries.

This division developed a 3R Technology for Zero Liquid Discharge of Cotton Dyeing Waste Water.

• Effluent Treatment Plant with emphasis on Cotton Dye Waste Water
• Sewage Treatment Plant
• Membrane Based Desalination Plant for Treatment Of Brackish Water and Sea Water
• De-mineralization Plant
With an aim to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge, NETEL has developed an Indigenous 3R Technology for Treatment of Cotton Dyeing Waste Water. 3R Technology involves Recovery, Recycle and Reuse and it involves end to end Membrane Process after pretreatment). The Brine from RO is recycled for process use.

Technical advantages of this System are:

• Smaller Foot Print Area
• Modular & Easily Scalability
• Low Chemical Consumption
• Low Sludge Generation
• Consistent & Superior Quality of Permeate
• Colorless Pure Brine for Reuse
• Zero Liquid Discharge


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