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CECEC: China Early Childhood Education Conference & Early Childhood Education Resources Expo

CECEC 2018: China Early Childhood Education Conference & Early Childhood Education Resources Expo

Category: Business Services
Date: 01 – 04 December, 2018
Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center, Benjing 2nd Rd, Xiaoshan Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng (China)
Organizer: China Council for Promotion of International Trade Beijing
Phone: +86 139 1170 1636
Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

CECEC 2018: About The Event

China Early Childhood Education Conference & Early Childhood Education Resources Expo (CECEC)

aimed to set up the world class early childhood education platforms for communication and learning, has become
one of the largest conference on early childhood education in Asia. It experienced rapid growth in the past 4 years, with total 40,810 conference delegates, 80,100 sqm expo space and 53,624 professional visitors and attendees. The 5th CECEC is expecting more than 15,000 delegates and 500 leading companies under one roof during the 4 event

CECEC 2018: Highlights

  • 4 days of world-class conference
  • 200+ media’s promotion across the industry
  • Press release for new products
  • Enterprises sessions
  • Products promotion seminars
  • Kids trial lessons & special workshops
  • Welcome dinner with VIPs & golden distributors
  • Tens of thousands of VIP buyers visiting
  • Good chance to expand business channels

CECEC 2018: Conference Theme

Around 200 Sessions Covering 17 Academic Topics:

  • Comprehensive frontier theories;
  • Children Science;
  • Society;
  • Art development;
  • The trends and measures taken in different countries;
  • The application & strength of China’s traditional cultures;
  • The capital operation of private kindergartens;
  • The analysis of new preschool mode;
  • Solution to the survival & quality of profitable kindergartens;
  • Safety education;
  • Legal issues;
  • Training on teaching force;
  • Administration / Finance / Teaching & Research / HR management;
  • Parent counselling;
  • Crisis management;
  • Quality evaluation of kindergarten’s teaching;
  • Quality evaluation of teaching staff;
  • Development evaluation of children;
  • Methods used for observation and recording of Children’s behaviors
  • Development evaluation of children;
  • Methods used for observation and recording of Children’s behaviors;
  • The creation of premium circumstance;

CECEC 2018: Exhibitors Profile

  • Teaching Materials & Kids Toys
  • Preschool Education Supplies
  • Curriculum Materials & Special Courses
  • Kindergarten Facilities
  • Kindergarten Design & Construction
  • Kindergarten IT Software
  • Brand Licensing & Service

CECEC 2018: Why China

  • The number of 0-6 year old children in China is over 1 billion.
  • There are 240,000 kindergartens in China, and 440,000 children in kindergartens in 2016 according to the Ministry of Education.
  • Chinese state government and local government increased the fiscal budget for the preschool education sector.
  • In 2017, the Law for Promotion of Privately-run Education Institutions was amended to encourage the development of privately-run kindergartens or preschools.
  • With the abolition of the one-child policy, China’s birth rate rose to a new height in this century.
  • Increasing Per Capita Disposable Income US 3,573.15 (RMB 23,821) (2016) with 8.4% year-on-year growth.
  • China’s middle-class population is the largest in the world, with 109 million. By 2022, 76% of China’s urban population will be considered middle class, and this proportion was only 4% in 2000.

CECEC 2018: Exhibits

  • Teaching Materials & Kids Toys
    Teaching tools and toys including all kinds of building blocks, intelligence assembly toys, wooden toys, educational toys, Montessori educational tools etc.
  • Kindergarten Facilities
    Preschool equipment containing playground facilities, kindergarten furniture, kindergarten bedding, kindergarten desks and chairs, school bus etc.
  • Kindergarten Design & Construction
    Design and decoration of kindergartens comprising of environment-friendly floor, floor mat, environment-friendly lawn, decoration engineering, air purification equipment etc.
  • Preschool Education Products
    Preschool supplies consisting of kindergarten uniforms, school bags, bedclothes, art supplies, new electronic white (black) boards etc.
  • Curriculum Materials & Special Courses
    Teaching materials and featured courses including English curriculum, picture books, children’s publications, physical intelligence games, science experiment courses, Orff, African drum, art etc.
  • Brand Licensing & Service
    Brand franchise licensing for franchise kindergartens, franchise early education center, franchise training institutions etc.
  • Kindergarten IT Software
    IT software for the kindergartens consisting of management software, home-kindergarten interaction software, transportation system, morning check equipment etc.

CECEC 2018: Why Exhibit

  • CECEC is the magnificent event for early childhood education, the high-end platform for marketing and sales to direct clients.
  • Big gathering of industry giants, great opportunity to communicate for industry news and innovations.
  • Global excellent resources, cutting-edge projects display and recommendation.
  • Have one to one meeting with VIP buyers, meet the national distributors under one roof.
  • Technology innovation and cooperation, building up of investment and capital market.

CECEC 2018: Why Visit

  • Comprehensive coverage of suppliers and brands
  • Worldwide new brands showcased under one roof
  • See the latest product innovation and industry trends
  • Partner with Global OEM / ODM suppliers for new business deals
  • Business matching at your convenience
  • Learn from the industry’s great minds at CECEC 2018

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